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Numbers app by Apple

by Levi Tate
Tags: apple, numbers
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Levi Tate
Feb14-13, 01:18 AM
P: 122
Hi. I was thinking about getting Numbers by apple to do data analysis for an intro to modern physics course and an optics lab. I was wondering if anybody thinks it is a good product and easy to use like most things apple?
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Feb14-13, 09:09 AM
jtbell's Avatar
P: 11,621
Is this for a MacBook or iMac (Mac OS) or an iPad (iOS)?
Levi Tate
Feb16-13, 11:29 PM
P: 122
It is for Mac or probably apple, it is supposed to be like Excel.

Feb16-13, 11:34 PM
P: 2,795
Numbers app by Apple

You could instead get OpenOffice which has a spreadsheet + word processor... just like MS Office and is interoperable with MS Excel. AND its free.
Levi Tate
Feb16-13, 11:34 PM
P: 122
Excuse me, for Mac and probably PC too.

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