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    And the 2021 Nobel prize for Physics goes to...

    Here's the Physics Today article: Hopefully, people will soon leave their biaises and treat Earth physics the same way as other physics application, i.e. with objectivity. Many years ago, I had to leave this forum because of that problem (lack of...
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    And the 2021 Nobel prize for Physics goes to...

    Climate models!
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    How certain is dog domestication dating?

    I'm mostly trained as a physicist, so I'm wondering, on a scale from crackpot (1) to imressive (9), where does this hypothesis rank to an anthropologist? "I hypothesize that this innovation may have...
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    How is one second measured?

    Sundials. Hourglasses. Stargazing. Divisions by 24, and 60. You'd get there.
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    What is time?

    I was once mystified by time. Now I see it as nothing but counting something mechanical. Take a reference motion, such as the Earth rotation, and all of the "t"'s in physics equations could be replaced with "number of Earth rotations". Instead of "distance over time", speed could be defined as...
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    Other Micro- and Macroeconomics

    I'm interested in standard curriculum textbooks on micro- and macroeconomics. No holding back on math rigour please, I get annoyed by the law of demand presented as a straight line.
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    Present for finishing PhD

    A bottle of wine.
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    How do you think about math?

    All of math could be written in a spoken language. It's actually precision shorthand for surprisingly long sentences. Try reading Newton's Principia, you'll appreciate the current notation.
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    What are you currently reading?

    The Wikipedia in alphabetical order. Almost done with the "A" section.
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    How would you convert visible light to infrared or microwave

    Paint whatever black.
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    Chaos Theory and the Prolate Spheroid

    How does this compare to dropping a dice? Is there a distinction?
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    The old Newtonian gravity

    In physics, you use the simplest model that suits your purpose. Whichever error there may is included in the uncertainty.
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    When will the hot cup of tea cool faster?

    You could actually make two cups and do the experiement. Drop a thermometer in each, and clench only one. My hunch is that the clenched one cools faster.
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    Width of spectral lines

    Yes to temperature widening the spectral lines! Especially temperature I believe! Dark line because emission can happen in any direction other than towards your eyes!