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    Programs Joint Advisors in PhD program

    I'm curious if anyone has any experience working for two advisers, particularly in two different fields. In my case, I'd focus on synthesizing materials in a chem lab (that focuses on synthesis) and then working in a EE/physics lab that would focus on characterizing said material, in particular...
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    Mathematica Multiple 2D plots in Mathematica

    I posted this first in the hw section, but no one answered it. I figured this might be a better section.... I have multiple 1D data sets, lets call them data1, data2, data3, etc. Each data set has the same number of entries. Each one is either a row or a column (I can just use...
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    Plotting Multiple 2D graphs in mathematica

    Homework Statement I have multiple 1D data sets, lets call them data1, data2, data3, etc. Each data set has the same number of entries. Each one is either a row or a column (I can just use Transpose[...], so same] and when I use the ListPlot[] function, I get a graph where the vertical axis is...
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    REU Advice

    Your credentials are fine. The big issue is what the REU program is looking for. Some programs taking minority outreach very seriously and go after people who wouldn't consider science careers. Other programs view their REU as a pre-grad school so they can recruit the best students to their...
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    Patent attorney education background

    Two questions: 1. Can you get through undergrad and into law school doing a subject you really don't like/may not be very good at? 2. If you really don't like science, what makes you think you'll be good at being a science attorney? There are technically plenty of lawyers who can do patent...
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    How to emigrate to USA?

    NO! Now is the time to apply for doctoral programs if you want to enroll in Fall 2012.
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    Engineering switch to physics

    I'm a senior physics major at a large state university. I'm looking towards graduate school but have been looking for some jobs as a plan b just in case. I have several friends who are burned out by academics and are looking for full time jobs right now. From what I've gathered, physics majors...
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    Programs CS Major + Physics Minor useful?

    If you want to be a physicist, it won't be enough. Also, there's the issue of what exactly a minor requires you to do. At the University of Hawaii, a physics minor is just two additional upper level courses. You could get a minor without ever taking electromagnetism or quantum mechanics.
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    Schools Physical Chem vs. CM physics Graduate school

    I'm currently applying for various graduate schools in both physical chemistry and condensed matter physics. My undergraduate degree is a double major in both fields. I'm curious about what the differences between the departments (and, to an extent, fields) might be. In terms of research...
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    Dropping out of grad school - worth getting MS?

    keep in mind if you graduate with a masters, you are now technically an alumni of that school. Depending on the school, that can really open some doors.
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    Thinking of quitting chemistry to go to school for engineering

    I don't know if it fits your bill but consider looking into Boston University's LEAP program. And I'm sure your background in organic chem would could get a mat sci program somewhere...
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    Professor in two similiar areas

    If your interests are in meteorology, why does it matter if you have a professorship in physics if, as you say, meteorology is becoming its own separate department? And I've seen a lot of physical chemists do atmospheric research. Not sure what to make of it, but its something I wanted to...
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    Programs Considering PhD in experimental physics and facilities

    Like many, I'm applying to graduate schools in physics this fall. My interests lie in experimental condensed matter/physical chemistry, although I think this question applies to any field. As we all know, modern science is big and expensive. I was considering some smaller schools, but was...
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    How useful is probability?

    Not to hijack, but how much statistics do you need to do experiments/interpret the data? Can you get away with the simpler stuff: mean, standard deviation, confidence intervals, etc?