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    Omnidirectional air conditioner allowed by physics?

    Thanks Russ, bear in mind I’ve never studied physics, I’m just trying to figure what to read online to understand this, having a tough time finding resources on my own, and it’s interesting to me. I’ve already gotten some good hints in your words. By wire, it could be electrical, but really...
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    Omnidirectional air conditioner allowed by physics?

    Indeed, mechanical energy is used to push the refrigerant around to create the cooling. I’m not interested in producing energy, I’m interested in if you can create only cooling in an area by pushing heat out somewhere else on a wire, rather than through e.g. an insulated air hose. My internal...
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    Omnidirectional air conditioner allowed by physics?

    Sorry, sounded like you were going to tell me the law it violates, but I got an Amazon link to peltiers. Was that intentional? My setup sounds pretty sketchy to me intuitively, I have some air conditioner generating 5 units of heat outside 4 inside, and my hope is to just send 2 units of heat...
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    Omnidirectional air conditioner allowed by physics?

    I know heat is a form of energy, and that’s conserved, so usually an air conditioner will emit heat on one side, cooling on the other, probably increasing the overall heat in total. What’s not clear to me is if it always must do this, specifically if the air conditioner produces another form...
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    I Is information lost in wavefunction collapse?

    Thanks! I've been reading this thread, wishing people would take your question on. What I would say, having played with quantum computer simulators, is that the information relayed to an *observer* in bits is something like the base 2 logarithm of the reciprocal of the probability of...
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    I Question about subtractive color mixing

    Question: If two guitar strings are very close in pitch but not quite the same, they "beat", as the two waves go between reinforcement and cancellation. Do light waves do the same? If so - and I know the frequencies are many orders of magnitude higher - how slow could it get? Could we ever make...
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    Mind boggling machine learning results from AlphaZero

    Oh you're actually doing it? Cool good luck. If you can get the training data, I don't see why not.
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    Mind boggling machine learning results from AlphaZero

    Yeah, good question. I know mathematical proofs we're one of the first thing they tried to unleash computers on in the 50s, and they meet their first failures in making machines think. There's more to it than just formal logic it seems. Thinking about Bridges of Königsberg problem solved by...
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    Mind boggling machine learning results from AlphaZero

    I agree, its really compelling. That's why it's got me thinking about how far it is from being general AI. The game trees of these games the Alpha machines are playing are huge, so it must be abstracting lessons or rules already, classifying situations, generalizing in a sense. How far is it...
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    Mind boggling machine learning results from AlphaZero

    It's really impressive. But in a sense I think does have training data, in terms of the games (as I understand it) it plays against itself. What seems unique is our ability to abstract general information from basic experience, like if one of these were able to see how programming was like...
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    Mind boggling machine learning results from AlphaZero

    One thing I wonder about is the capacity to abstract generalized intelligence from the physical world. One thing that defines AI is the vast training sets, humans don't really use. But we do have vast training sets in terms of a continuous stream of experiences from birth, and somehow we are...
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    Continuous-time loop computer for NP problems?

    I want to add a second thumbs up to Scott Aaronson's paper, it's a really good survey of it all. OP: The broader open question is whether physical systems can produce solutions to NP complete problems at all. He references an experiment with soap bubbles that seems to say yes, but it falls into...
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    Shannon Entropy vs Entropy in chemistry

    One interesting area of overlap is in biology. Shannon information in an event is the log reciprocal of probability of event, which means high information events are less probable. So for instance odds of seeing 0 or 1 (-log2(1/2) = 1 bit) is more likely then seeing a specific million bit...
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    Job Skills Increased demand for STEM in the next 4 years?

    The gist of this is true. Programming is what a computer science major learns in his or her first year, and somewhat second, the rest is computer science. You don't need to go to school for CS to get a job in programming, you need to program all the time on demonstrable open source projects, and...
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    Real advances in Computer Science?

    That's part of the bigger picture of where I think its all going that involves a lot of other fields. People think of AI as about how we think, but in a broader sense its about a synthesizing a function with the same inputs and outputs as some natural function. So for example, insofar as a real...