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    Photon Exchange in Atoms

    Sorry if this post seems short, I had to write it in a hurry. I'm currently reading Leonard Susskind's 'The Cosmic Landscape'. In it, he describes how electrons and protons both emit photons, which is what gives them their charge. The explanation is really awesome, but I have one thing I...
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    E=MC^2 question about the M

    E=MC^2 question about the "M" So, energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Energy can determine speed, because the energy is transferred into the 3 spacial dimensions. My question is with E=MC^2 itself, Energy of light would equal zero mass times the speed of light squared...
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    Light from the big Bang/Inflation

    Okay, so here's my questions: 1. Why can't we see the light from the big bang? If it happened 14 billion years ago, shouldn't we be able to see the light from the big bang by now? Or is the earth and everything else moving away from the spot of the big bang faster than or at the speed of...
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    My Antimatter Rocket

    To put it short, I'm designing an antimatter rocket that a guy at NASA want's to see. I'm working hard but had a few questions for you guys: 1. What's the easiest way to get Positrons? 2. Any ideas on either storing it for a month or having a machine keep feeding the engine positrons like a...
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    Gravitation and Space Time warps

    Thanks for the replies, they're all great. So, I have Q #1 explained, but I still think I could use a bit more clarification on my Q #2
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    Gravitation and Space Time warps

    Okay, so here's my questions: 1. In the theory of the expanding universe, the universe, well, expands. But space it's self would have to expand faster than light could travel or at the same speed for that to work. Umm, Hello? The space would travel faster than light. Would it not? If so...
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    Elenin, the new scaremongering is approaching

    Yep. I heard about this. "Brown Dwarf" coming to shake up and flip us and shoot radioactive debris. It's all PLAUSIBLE, but I think the theory of us being beat up by a rouge star is stupid. me, myself, don't believe it'll harm us. But, hey, let the conspiracy theorist who think that we'll all...
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    Could there be Anti-energy?

    (a) Ok (b) I was talking about the quantum scale anyway. (c) I will. I guess I have my answer, guys.
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    Could there be Anti-energy?

    Well, what I was asking was if somehow, there could be some force that is the opposite of the forces that energy implies, a force not made or particles, (Like energy) that would be explained in the opposite way that energy is. So, the complete opposite of energy, something with force that...
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    Could there be Anti-energy?

    Matter. Anti-Matter Energy. Anti-Energy
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    Could there be Anti-energy?

    First of all, can someone explain what energy exactly is? Then, explain why or why not Anti-energy could exist? If it could, so many new possibilities could open up..I could come up with so many ideas about it...Eh, so, those are my questions, hope you can answer -Lazer
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    Two quick questions

    So, I come to you today with 2 more of my amazing 11 year old questions about physics. I'll make it short here: 1. I have an awesome Eco-friendly power source idea that I'm not gonna post here 'cause it's too original. First of all, my basic knowledge of what electricity IS, is electrons...
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    Extra universes

    Nah... I understand many complicated things like this for my age, I ask questions related to things that I understand and in my range of understanding. My basic question is if the alternate history theory states ACTUAL other histories exist or not, (Where things really exist)
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    Extra universes

    I don't...know? (Not sure what Varon means so....) ((I'm only 11, people))
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    Extra universes