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    I Finding Real and Imaginary Parts of the complex wave number

    The positive sign must be taken for k to be real. Taking the negative sign would result in a negative value and hence k would be imaginary since the square root of a negative number is imaginary.
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    Schools How to achieve the best results in life

    Everyone has a different set of values and a lot of things in life are neither correct or wrong. There is a lot of context that shapes the way people look at the world around them. We could give you advice or list off things that helped us, but we don't share the same past experiences or...
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    How Do I Motivate Myself?

    ADHD isn't the only cause of lack of focus; these deficits are common with TBI, Bipolar Disorder, Tourette's, and many other disorders - the brain is complicated. It could also be due to reasons that Choppy stated. That's why I gave a suggestion for getting a professional evaluation. An...
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    How Do I Motivate Myself?

    Do you have cognitive deficits? I also have huge problems with focus and I find it hard to function while sitting down as well lol. I went through a neuropsychological evaluation and had very noticeable impairments with attention and short term memory. For example, if you told me a short story...
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    Musicians that went science route instead?

    I was originally a music/math major when entering university. I switched the music major to physics due to family pressure and I chose physics since the curriculum looked interesting. I played saxophone back then, but nowadays I play bass guitar and classical guitar. Usually classical guitar due...
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    Small oscillations in nonholonomic systems

    Non-holonomic systems are not covered in much detail to begin with. I haven't had to encounter non-holonomic systems in my other courses. Although, I guess you could say the same with Hamilton-Jacobi theory and Poisson Brackets with the exception of quantum mechanics. In my graduate course in...
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    Question about studying statistical mechanics before or after MQ?

    Oh ok! In statistical mechanics you will study both classical and quantum systems. You should be familiar with the particle in a box and harmonic oscillator problems. You also need to know what fermions and bosons are. Textbooks will usually bring these topics up I believe. This should be...
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    Question about studying statistical mechanics before or after MQ?

    What is MQ? Master's Qualifiers? Modern Quantum? What is your background?
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    Engineering Is "real" job anxiety normal (fresh graduate)?

    Anxiety is a normal thing to experience. There are varying levels of it that depend on the person and situation. We all have different ways of experiencing and coping with life. You are going through changes and you are not alone in what you are experiencing. Do you anyone that you can talk to...
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    How much free time do you guys get?

    I've heard things about residency/interns and medical rotations in terms of large hours worked. There isn't much regulation in terms of hours as far as I know for this. It is also highly dependent on the field you work in. I believe current regulation is 80 hour work weeks and one cannot work a...
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    How much free time do you guys get?

    I wouldn't say it is a warped sense of reality; that is a bit extreme. The OP grew up being told that experts spend every living moment involved in their field, so it is easy to see how they would think that. They probably haven't had a lot of experience interacting with the experts they are...
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    Studying What is the most effective way to study?

    Here is a brief what works and what doesn't:,_What_doesn't.pdf Doing problems is a good strategy. Self-testing as well. In addition to what symbolipoint said, if you look at a solution, ask yourself where you went wrong and why...
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    Do You Even Physics bro.

    It's more of a tongue-in-cheek type of slang in a certain portion (Misc.) of a certain forum (bodybuilding forums). A lot of the members there are actually intelligent. They pay heavy attention to nutrition and discuss what research literature has to say. It's just like here at PF where there...
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    Do You Even Physics bro.

    Are you salty OP? Do you even lift? Zyzz is GOAT denial/10 Ayyyyyy I think I've spent way too much time lurking on the bodybuilding forums...
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    What makes a good question in your opinion?

    I think having students take limiting cases could be one way for a student to rationalize why there solution is correct/reasonable. As for numerical answers: order of magnitude, comparison to real world scenarios, etc. are other ways of rationalizing that the numerical answer makes sense. I took...