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    Alternating current

    They don't. Although the electrical energy itself travels very quickly--some large fraction of the speed of light in most types of insulated wiring, nearly c in uninsulated wires, the electrons themselves travel very, very slowly. The speed at which they move is dependent primarly upon current...
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    Circuit wiring help

    This is just a simple differential current amplifier. There are three components (not counting the battery) which must be connected the right way or it won't work. There is the meter itself, of course. Mind the + and - markings. The capacitor is also polarized. Electrolytics are usually...
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    Electronics and logic gate question
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    Touchscreen Wiring help please!

    Sure, post that too.
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    Touchscreen Wiring help please!

    Well, after studying the pictures I can now tell you a few things about the display that I know from my work experience. These things may or may not help you but I hope they do. First, looking at the full view of the back of the unit, the single black and two pink wires at the bottom right are...
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    Touchscreen Wiring help please!

    Ah, this thing: That's probably a proprietary interface. You might be able to work it out experimentally, if you're careful; but the chances of anyone here knowing offhand is...
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    Touchscreen Wiring help please!

    Why is all that information scratched off the board? That's stuff you probably need to figure out what it is. It's certainly stuff I would need in order to identify it.
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    Iconic three word movie quotes?

    Except they really are all three-word quotes. A contraction is one word regardless of how many words it is formed from. Shouldn't've, for example, is only one word.
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    Power Grid

    No, but if everyone turns their power back on at the same time, that might cause momentary outages as systems switch over to handle the sudden demand.
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    Testing machine

    ...Google unsafe images. :wink:
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    Old butter

    Molds, fungi and bacteria do not do well on butter because it's nearly pure fat with little moisture. The occasional addition of salt makes it even less palatable to microorganisms. It is likely to be still entirely edible, if rather rancid.
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    Long distance transmission of power

    Assuming the wire stays consistent, the resistance increases linearly with length. If the resistance of a transmission wire is 1 ohm per 1000/ft, then the wire to a town 100 km away will be 100 ohms. On the other hand, by inspection of I2R, you can see the watts losses increase with the square...
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    Caught Staring!

    Debunked hoax.
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    Stargazing I discovered an eclipse cycle

    I found a discussion of thirteen-month calandars in which the figure in the OP falls naturally out of the conversation: