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    Normal subgroup with prime index

    I am not sure about which theorem you are talking about, but I just found a theorem giving me the result I want in Dummit and Foote stating that if n is the order of the group and p the largest prime dividing n, then I have the result I wanted.
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    Normal subgroup with prime index

    Homework Statement Prove that if p is a prime and G is a group of order p^a for some a in Z+, then every subgroup of index p is normal in G. Homework Equations We know the order of H is p^(a-1). H is a maximal subgroup, if that matters. The Attempt at a Solution Suppose H≤G and...
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    Post your spring schedule!

    grad topology knot theory real analysis 2 numerical analysis some random history class
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    Math Student: Semester Load Advice

    In my school advanced calculus is analysis in R^n and then there is intro to analysis courses, which are analysis in metric spaces. If it is also that way in your school, you may want to take advanced calculus first and then intro to analysis, so that you will be familiar with concepts and ideas.
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    Summer getting too hard for you? Post your Fall Schedule to cool down!

    National history (every single person studying in this country has to take this one) Real analysis 1 Algebra 1 (graduate) Applied math Creative writing (maybe for fun)
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    Exchange for math and physics undergrad Rice and UC Berkeley advice

    After speaking to professors here, and researching more about Rice, I will very probably go, but if there is anyone here attending Rice, that would be great for me to ask questions about courses. By the way I still wonder what people think about 3 semesters of exchange but as no one replies, my...
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    Exchange for math and physics undergrad Rice and UC Berkeley advice

    Hello everyone, This is my second year as a physics, math double major, and I am an international student (not in the US). For 2012 fall and 2013 spring (or maybe just fall, I don't exactly know the policies, but I know I can do it multiple times), I plan to go to UCB as an exchange student...
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    PDE-initial condition

    Alright, I believe I got it and it seems quite simple now. So the function is not unique and that was what we were looking for I guess, conceptually. Thanks for your help.
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    PDE-initial condition

    Bumping, could not find the answer yet.
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    PDE-initial condition

    PDE--initial condition Homework Statement Solve the equation u_x+2xy^2u_y=0 with u(x,0)=\phi (x). Strauss PDE 2nd ed., chapter 1.5, exercise 6. Homework Equations The question is under "Well-Posed Problems" section, so this might be about existence, uniqueness, or stability. The...
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    Fitzpatrick Advanced Calculus-edition differences

    Fitzpatrick Advanced Calculus--edition differences Hello everyone, I will buy Fitzpatrick's Advanced Calculus 2nd edition, but am not sure paperback or hardcover. The reason I'm unsure is that even though we should be using the international student edition, the professor is using the...
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    Programs Physics and Philosophy major (Or CS + Physics)

    I felt in a very similar way about philosophy when I was entering college, but the few courses I took changed my mind. The single most influential thing I learned in my philosophy of science course is that if I ever do science, then I should ignore the philosophical discussions behind it most of...
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    Philosophy of Science in Steampunk

    Oh, I'm sorry I didn't specify that Maxwell is Grover Maxwell, an American philosopher of science (I just noticed there is not a wikipedia entry of him). In his "the Ontological Status of Theoretical Entities," he argues against different types of empiricism, and gives a solid defense of...
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    Philosophy of Science in Steampunk

    I decided to go more classical, and now currently writing about Maxwell and van Fraasen on observation. It wasn't going to be deep enough, I guess.
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    Testing Sat subject tests : Math,physics practice papers ?

    don't rely on those sat's, though, as an international student. when I was applying as an international, I applied with 800's in math 1c, 2c, and physics which I got without any need for review (and I felt they were extremely easy), but things didn't go well.