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    Physics Are Baccalaureate Honors worth pursuing in my situation?

    Hello everybody. I'm graduating with my bachelors in physics in a few weeks. My conundrum is that while I meet the GPA requirements for Magna Cum Laude, I am a few credits shy of the 90 matriculated requirement. If I were to extend my graduation date to the summer, I could take one additional...
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    Studying How Can I go about learning physics in under 2 months? (starting undergrad in Feb 2018)

    While you typically don't need it for introductory 100 level physics courses, having a solid understanding of calculus will certainly help. Besides which you will need it eventually. Work on your understanding of derivatives and integrals. Those will be your bread and butter throughout most of...
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    Graduate Programs Advice (Particularly for Plasma Physics)

    Greetings everybody, Right now I'm applying to graduate physics programs, but since it's an expensive process I'm trying to be at least a little selective in my approach. Since my research interests are in plasma physics, I've limited myself to schools with a program in such. So far I've...
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    Help drawing vectors

    When adding two vectors, keep the first one in place, and then put the tail of the second at the head of the first. Then you can draw from the origin to where that second vector's head is, and that's your new vector. Do the same for subtracting, but reverse the direction of the one you're...
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    Formula confusion for magnetic field inside capacitor

    It comes from Maxwell's addition to Ampere's Law. You can use that to solve for the magnetic field in between a capacitor, but they just did the work for you. Here's a link to the hyperphysic's page on Ampere's Law The magnetic...
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    Calculating magnetic flux of a rod

    Is that a line or a rod? The way the picture is presented it doesn't look like there is any flux, let alone a change in flux. Did you give us the entire problem statement?
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    Programs Preparing for a Physics Degree

    Make sure you are strong on math. The better you are with math the easier a time you'll have in your classes. You probably haven't (and probably won't) cover calculus in high school, at least not much, but everything taught there will be an important foundation for later. Become especially...
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    Potential of a uniformly polarized sphere

    kuruman is right. I didn't notice at first but your equation is slightly off. But, if that's what the book is giving you/asking you to use then so be it.
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    Potential of a uniformly polarized sphere

    It says uniformly polarized, but what is the direction of polarization? Keep in mind it's actually a vector field, and you are dotting it with ##\hat r##.
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    Classical Very very beginner books in Physics

    For physics you need to be proficient in Calculus which consists of derivatives and integrals. I would say the bare minimum for beginner physics is being able to take a derivative and an integral (and knowing what it means to do so).
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    Physics A taste of Physics and Computer Science

    I love how it gets people interested in science, but it definitely misleads people into thinking they know more than they do.
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    Physics A taste of Physics and Computer Science

    I can't remember the site, but there are statistics on where Physics grads go after earning their degree. I believe it also depends on whether you go for a PhD or not. But yes, most don't end up in academia, I think somewhere around 20% do.
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    Physics A taste of Physics and Computer Science

    Depends on how broadly you define "physics related".
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    I need an advice help with a "Ballistic" problem/task

    And it's even better when you use LaTeX.
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    Physics A taste of Physics and Computer Science

    That I can confirm. Physics is probably the most math intensive discipline outside mathematics itself. And it is certainly very hard. But I'd say it is worth it. Whether or not it is exciting is really up to what interests you. Personally I find learning about how the universe works to be...