4th dimension

  1. H

    Green's function and the resistance across a Hypercube

    Homework Statement: I do know how to solve the resistance network problem in two dimensions. However, in this problem they want it in 3 dimensions and higher and I don't know how to do that Homework Equations: - In the picture you can see the solution to the two dimensional version
  2. B

    I How would a 4th Dimensional Object Move?

    I want to know how a 4D object, (specifically a tesseract) would move in the space of t, not x, y or z.
  3. C

    Question about higher dimensions and what connects them

    It's my understanding that, if we ignore the temporal dimension and just focus on spatial ones, then you get to the third dimension by starting with a point and adding perpendicular lines to them. Once you've done this a couple of times, you get three dimensions. Obviously, to the layman, it...
  4. stephog

    Black holes are the shadows of 4D objects (idea)

    this is the idea...
  5. Einstein Devotee

    Time dilation why or how, Special Relativity causes

    I understand the theory of special relativity and the mathematics which support it. I even understand that the time dilation has been proven. Therefore I am going to ask a question which on first blush may appear that I disagree with it but that is not the case. The question I can not seem to...