accelerated charge

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    I Light through matter

    I've been reading Feynman's (classical) derivation of the refractive index and I wonder if there is a more quantum mechanical description in terms of complex number field vectors - one vector for that part of light that goes straight through and another for that part of light that goes through...
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    I Poynting vector - uniform vs accelerated charge

    I am trying to understand why an accelerating charge emits radiation/electromagnetic waves but a uniformly moving one does not. I saw one video on Youtube where it seemed that it was explained by the fact that with a uniformly moving charge the Poynting vector was pointing 'in to the volume' -...
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    I Difficulty with a Point Charge Particle in Electrodynamics

    Point Particle in Relativity and Electrodynamics: “The Classical Theory of Fields” – by Landau and Lifshitz, in its discussion about classical size of a particle, concludes that:- Thus we come to the conclusion that in classical (non-quantum) ‘relativistic mechanics’, we cannot ascribe finite...