What is Caustic: Definition and 12 Discussions

In optics, a caustic or caustic network is the envelope of light rays reflected or refracted by a curved surface or object, or the projection of that envelope of rays on another surface. The caustic is a curve or surface to which each of the light rays is tangent, defining a boundary of an envelope of rays as a curve of concentrated light. Therefore, in the photo to the right, caustics can be seen as patches of light or their bright edges. These shapes often have cusp singularities.

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  1. WMDhamnekar

    MHB Difference between caustic soda and caustic potash

    I read the chemical formula for Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic soda)=NaOH (1)I also read the chemical formula for caustic potash having same chemical name Potassium Hydroxide =KOH. I want to know what is the difference between these two chemical compounds in terms atoms, molecules, ions? Why...
  2. bcrowell

    Is caustic surface of an astrophysical black hole one event?

    MTW, p. 924, defines a caustic as a point where a null geodesic originating from the external universe enters a black hole's event horizon, remaining in the horizon afterward for some finite affine interval. (A null geodesic of this type is called a generator of the horizon.) They introduce this...
  3. marciokoko

    Calculating 1/4 Earth Arc with Trig

    Is there a way to determine the arc around 1/4 of the Earth without measuring it? I mean like thru trig?
  4. M

    Residue on steel after caustic cleaning

    After cleaning aluminum from steel I use with sodium hydroxide, there a brown chalky layer I want to clean off. Other than sanding, I cannot remove it. Is there a way to chemically remove it without affecting the steel?
  5. D

    Caustics/Cusps Software Search

    Hello folks, I'm looking for a free programme to play with caustics/cusps. Does anyone know where I can find one? If not does anyone have any suggestions as to how to write a script for one in gfortran? Preferably all I'm after is a way to make quick plots of cusps in 2D. Cheers and thanks a...
  6. J

    A Material that Can Withstand High Pressure & Caustic Condition

    I am interested in locating a material that can withstand a strong alkaline medium (10 M KOH) and approx. 5 atm pressure... I am somewhat new to material chemistry so all I have been able to think of thus far is PVC pipe. Through my research I have discovered that PVC is highly fire retardant...
  7. Archit Nanda

    Optics -- caustic curve equation

    I went through this article: http://users.df.uba.ar/sgil/physics_paper_doc/papers_phys/ondas_optics/caustica1.pdf But I think that when we do F=0, we are assuming the centre of the curve to be the origin and assuming the curve to be a circle, because only then will we be able to say that OP=ON...
  8. D

    Converging wave interference generating a caustic

    Dear reader, I have written a paper which I require a reference for converging wave interference generating a caustic. When studying for my degree, I performed Young's double slit experiment with the addiction of a converging lens. I was trying to comprehend Afshar's...
  9. M

    Caustic curves and dual curves

    Hello, I'm investigating duality for plane curves, and I came across an 'original' interpretation of the Biduality theorem , that uses the notion of caustic curve. Because everything is still very obscure to me, I try to share the whole with you, in the hope that we can help to fix ideas...
  10. DaveC426913

    DimSum Restaurant's Secret Ingredient: Caustic Soda?

    'tother day I chanced to look in the back room of a local DimSum restaurant and saw bags and bags and bags of caustic soda - like a skid of it. What use would a restaurant have for hundreds of pounds of caustic soda? I looked it up on Wiki and found only two uses that make sense: - washing...
  11. M

    Caustic curve - shadow in the cup

    Hello, I need help... I have been assigned in physics to look at the shadow in the cup and mysearch shows me caustic curves... I have very little information on this to do a 4 page report on... can someone please point me to some sites, url etc on this... many thanks
  12. J

    The Skin's Natural Protection Against Caustic Chemicals

    I didn't know where to put this since it pertains to both chemistry and biology so i put it here. One time i accedently spilt 31.45% concentrated HCl on my skin and didn't notice it right away but then i saw this fuming drop on my skin and i immediately washed it off, it never tingled, burned...