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A Material that Can Withstand High Pressure & Caustic Condition

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    I am interested in locating a material that can withstand a strong alkaline medium (10 M KOH) and approx. 5 atm pressure....... I am somewhat new to material chemistry so all I have been able to think of thus far is PVC pipe.

    Through my research I have discovered that PVC is highly fire retardant, durable, and has high tensile strength. These are all very important qualities for my intended design. However, I am unsure of its reaction to highly acidic or basic media. Also, I'm not sure if there are any better alternatives.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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    Does this help?
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    Hmmm. That link does not open. I get this error message:

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    Well. Do what I did. Search on "property of materials" or "chemical properties" specific to polyvinyl chloride.
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