What is Cse: Definition and 11 Discussions

The Council of Science Editors (CSE), formerly the Council of Biology Editors (CBE; 1965-2000) and originally the Conference of Biology Editors (CBE) (1957-1965), is a United States-based nonprofit organization that supports editorial practice among scientific writers. In 2008, the CSE adopted the slogan "CSE: Education, Ethics, and Evidence for Editors (E4)".
A volunteer Board of Directors leads the Council, with the assistance of several committees. CSE is managed by Kellen Company, located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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  1. F

    CSE Project Ideas: Simulate Connected Cars with Vector Canoe Simulator

    Hello! I have to select a project for this semester.. from a lot of ideas one that got my sight is- "Simulate connected car with vector canoe simulator"... I am thinking about making a project out of it where cars will be connected and they will get information for public transport and...
  2. R

    Courses CSE at 21: Pursuing a Bachelors in the US?

    Hi, I am from India. I will be getting my honors for Bachelor's degree for physics in a few days. I am 21. As members at this forum are from USA too, so I want to know if I take exams like GRE, IELTS, TOEFL and get admission in USA, just suppose. Then, in any way, would I be able to be the same...
  3. P

    Other Doing a physics Masters after a CSE Bachelors

    Hi, european here. To some circumstances I can't study physics anymore but I'd like to still get into physics. So currently I'm studying computational science at ETH Zürich. Although we can focus in theoretical physics in our bachelors "thesis", the curriulum differs a lot when compared to...
  4. M

    C/C++ [C++] Which programs to write to learn more C++?

    Alright guys so I just finished my freshmen intro course in c++ and I found it interesting. This course only taught up to classes and file i/o. I want to learn more of c++ and overall many more programs. How do I teach myself c++ more indepth or are there any free sites you recommend to learn it...
  5. E

    Making an Informed Choice: BSc in Engineering: EEE vs CSE

    I am now going to do my BSc in engineering in EEE or CSE... Now my question is what will be best for me... I have a good understanding of basic maths i.e. algebra,calculus,geometry especially combinatorics etc... To tell the truth combi has always been my favourite... But I find Physics to be...
  6. jbrussell93

    Applied Math vs Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)

    I'm a biological engineering major who is starting to lean more towards mathematics. More specifically, I'm interested in mathematical modeling and applying these models to biological systems, geosystems, ecology, etc (mainly scientific problems). I will be minoring in math in order to...
  7. G

    CSE 1010 - MATLAB - User-Controlled Input and Output - fprintf

    SOLVED Homework Statement Very small dimensions-those on the atomic scale-are often measured in angstroms. An angstrom is represented by the symbol ? and corresponds to a length of 10^-10 meter. Create an inches-to-angstroms conversion table as follows for values of inches from 1 to 10: Use...
  8. A

    Advice on doing an MS in computational Physics (graduated with B.Tech in CSE)

    Hello, I am a Computer Science and Engineering B.Tech. from ISM Dhanbad (equivalent to IIT), India. Recently, I have become interested in the Computational Physics MS program which I read about on this forum (recommended many times by ZapperZ). The interest arose mainly because I have always...
  9. D

    Programs PhD in Pure Math with BSc in CSE

    I am unsure there is any thread similar to this. Today in morning I was making a thread but I can not find it. Anyway, When I enrolled to CSE I was crazy about it but gradually I found myself in love of Math and I also found I am actually not good in CSE but in Math. I read in the best uni of my...
  10. M

    Choosing Between CSE or ECE for a Career in Embedded Engineering - A Guide

    CSE or ECE ? Help, please! hello all, Pardon me if i have posted in the wrong section because the topic is related both to Electrical engineering and career guidance, so I wasn't sure where to post. I'm an EE student and I'm a bit confused on whether I should major in Computers & Systems...
  11. L

    Is transferring to a different school the solution for my low GPA in CSE?

    I am currently a Computer/Electrical engineering student at the University at Buffalo. I do truly love the topics of the discipline and love to learn. I think that I am a good student, I try to learn as much as possible, I go above and beyond and learn more than they teach. Even though I feel...