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Other Doing a physics Masters after a CSE Bachelors

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    Hi, european here. To some circumstances I can't study physics anymore but I'd like to still get into physics. So currently I'm studying computational science at ETH Zürich. Although we can focus in theoretical physics in our bachelors "thesis", the curriulum differs a lot when compared to physics. As you would expect, CSE focuses more on algorithms/computational things. Because of that I'm planning on taking some extra courses in physics.

    assuming my marks are good, how are the chances that I'd get into a masters course in physics? I now that it probably depends on the university and some would take me whereas others woldn't - but I'd still like to know if you think it is possible. Or asked differently: How hard is it to go into "proper" physics from a CSE with a (theoretical) physics focus?
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    I am no expert in the area but I can offer my opinion. I think that it is definitely possible for you to be accepted into a masters course in physics. I believe that if you can show that you have the background in physics, especially if you are looking at specializing and you have had experience in that area, many universities have ways for you to take any additional classes that you might need in order to make up any difference that you might need.
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