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  1. cianfa72

    I EPR in Bohm formulation

    Hi, I was reading about the EPR paradox in Bohm simplified formulation. From my understanding the paradox is that Bob is actually able to get a value for the positron's spin along both the ##z## and ##x## axes. Since electron and positron are entangled, he get the value of spin along ##z##...
  2. wnvl2

    I Can a Third Particle Be Entangled with Two Existing Particles Without Breaking Their Entanglement?

    I start with 2 entangled particles A and B. How can I entangle them with a third particle C without loosing the entanglement between A and B. Is there an example of an experiment?
  3. Delta2

    I Entanglement and FTL signaling in professional scientific literature

    According to professional scientific literature and to our best understanding, are there any suggestions that entanglement might imply some sort of faster than light signaling between the entangled particles? I know that according to relativity nothing can travel faster than light, but what...
  4. H

    A Entangled particles in curved spacetime

    i do not know if the question about entangled particles has found mainstream answers; Suppose that pairs of maximally entangled particles are shared by Bob and Alice in a time independant gravitational field. Bob measures the spin in the direction of far fixed stars. There is a direction in...
  5. G

    I Delayed-choice quantum eraser experiment

    In the Kim's experiments (see picture below) part of the downwards photons are involved in a quantum eraser and part aren't. In D0 (upward path) we see interference if the entangled photons (downward path) are detected in D1 or D2 and we don't see interference if the entangled photons are...
  6. Y

    I Schmidt decomposition and entropy of the W state

    Hello, The state | W \rangle = \frac { 1 } { \sqrt { 3 } } ( | 001 \rangle + | 010 \rangle + | 100 \rangle ) is entangled. The Schmidt decomposition is : What would the Schmidt decomposition be for | W \rangle ? I am also intersted in writing the reduced density matrix but I need the basis...
  7. Deepblu

    I Why Bohmian Mechanics needs non-locality?

    I always think about entanglement as pure conservation of energy and conservation of angular momentum. In fact I see that only conservation of energy is non-local, and that quantum objects have nothing to do with non-locality, for example you can entangle 2 atoms that have never interacted with...
  8. F

    I Decorrelate 2 particles initially entangled

    Hello, I am studying the entanglement in quantum physics, especially the Aspect's experience where 2 photons initially correlated keep this correlation through the measure of their polarity. The Wikipedia article is only available in French, but there is an article in English written by Alain...
  9. F

    I Does measuring an atom collapse the wavefunction of its parts?

    Suppose you have an experiment that measures the property of an atom as a whole, maybe you can put it through a double-slit or measure its spin, whatever. Presumably that will collapse the wavefunction that you used to describe the atom in that experiment. Would this entail that in the process...
  10. Danny Boy

    A Measurements of multipartite entanglement

    Hi I am interested in finding a good measure of multipartite entanglement for pure quantum states represented in the Dicke state basis. Any recommendations of notes or texts in this regard would be appreciated. I am looking to start with the most basic measure of entanglement for states...
  11. V

    Physics Need advice from a professional

    So I need some advice of someone professional and experienced. I’m 16 just about to sit my GCSEs soon and I’ve got a plan of what I want to do in the future. I reckon for my age I know quite a lot about high end things in Physics to do with quantum physics, special relativity, string theory...
  12. B

    A Entanglement in Ultracold Chemistry and Physics

    I'm looking for work published discussing the relationship between von Neumann entropy as well as entanglement with regard to chemical reactivity in the ultracold temperature scales. An article published under the title "Ultracold chemistry and its reaction kinematics" discussed this...
  13. ISamson

    B How do particles become entangled?

    Hi. I know that particles can become entangled, but I don't understand the actual physical process that the particles are involved into become entangled. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  14. ShayanJ

    Insights Entanglement Entropy - Part 1: Quantum Mechanics - Comments

    ShayanJ submitted a new PF Insights post Entanglement Entropy - Part 1: Quantum Mechanics Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.