What is Evaporation rate: Definition and 16 Discussions

Pan evaporation is a measurement that combines or integrates the effects of several climate elements: temperature, humidity, rain fall, drought dispersion, solar radiation, and wind. Evaporation is greatest on hot, windy, dry, sunny days; and is greatly reduced when clouds block the sun and when air is cool, calm, and humid. Pan evaporation measurements enable farmers and ranchers to understand how much water their crops will need.

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  1. mollwollfumble

    I Blowing Bubbles in Space: Can You Create a Giant Bubble in the Vacuum of Space?

    This is an experiment I would have liked to do from the ISS, but an approximation could be done in a vacuum chamber on Earth. How big a soap bubble, polymer bubble, or glass bubble could you blow in the vacuum of space? How to calculate the evaporation rate in vacuum? A liquid exposed to vacuum...
  2. Z

    Still water droplet evaporation rate (help using Maxwell's formula please)

    So I've observed the animal I am studying dry it's self (a survival mechanism called anhydrobiosis) to avoid freezing (laseration by ice crystals). Life forms given time produce a number of protectants in order to survive. Trehalose a sugar is produced to 2-4%. This will act as an antifreeze to...
  3. felipeborges

    Estimating the Evaporation Rate

    So I must define the problem stated above. I must define the variables and the error associated with each one of them. Any Formula, Articles, Insight would be of great help! Thanks in advance.
  4. J

    I Evaporation under vacuum; surface area

    I run a vacuum distillation unit that is used to distill ethylene glycol. The old glycol is subjected to 25Hg of vacuum at a temp of 275 degrees F. There are burner tubes submerged in the glycol to heat it up. The vessel has a diameter of 36 inches and is 124 inches long. We fill the vessel...
  5. J

    How would one calculate pressure increase in cooker

    If you have a cooker with a volume of 3000 cm^3, then you add 200 ml of water, and let it turn into vapor at 100 C over time, how would you calculate the pressure at any point during the evaporation? It's not homework, just an example so you get what I am saying.
  6. S

    Need Help Solving Set of Coupled ODEs

    Homework Statement Liquid nitrogen is in a dewar connected to a vacuum pump. Initial pressure in a dewar is 1atm and saturated with gaseous nitrogen. If the vacuum pump started, it removes gas in it and the pressure in a dewar will be reduced under the saturation pressure of the liquid...
  7. A

    Acetone and Petrol- Evaporation Rate

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical physics forums, so no HH Template is shown > Need a bit of help here: Which has higher rate of evaporation :- Acetone or Petrol?
  8. M

    Solve Evaporation Rate Questions: Pressure, Volume & More

    i have question.. i need some to help me to solve it.. the Fact said that " when we reduce the pressure exerted on free water surface, the evaporation rate decrease"so i am searching for formula that related between the evaporation rate and pressure and volume
  9. T

    Evaporation rate of light bulb filaments exposed to air

    I know that incandescent bulbs are filled with some inert gas to reduce the rate at which the filament decays. If the filament was to be exposed to ambient air, how long before it evaporated? How long can a mesh of light bulb filaments (or other material with as high a melting point that can be...
  10. I

    Does adding vinegar to water increase the evaporation rate of the water?

    So my friend came home from work and asked me why adding vinegar to water aids in evaporatoin. He said they had them clean with this solution because it helped the water dry up faster. However, I've only had two years of study in chemistry and I can't say I know for certain. I know that...
  11. P

    Evaporation Rate of Liquid Nitrogen

    Hello everyone! I am trying to design a magnetic testing apparatus that needs to remain at -196K for 20 minutes. There is not exactly a straight foreword equation to get a calculation for the evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen. The apparatus looks like this, and I have highlighted the area...
  12. J

    Evaporation rate & electric field

    why is evaporation rate (e.g. of water molecules) faster in the presence of the electric field? I understand that the water molecules become polarized and hence feel electric force... can anyone explain more specifically? thnx! =D *b.t.w. if you're interested in figure skating, please...
  13. H

    Calculating Uncertainty of Aquired Evaporation Rate

    Hi! I am Calculating the uncertainty in an Evaporation Rate i obtained from measurements around a lake using E=C.U(ess-ea)/P where C is constant 135mm/day at 1.5m above lake surface, U is average wind speed, P air pressure hPa, ess saturation vapour pressure @lake surface temp (Ave), ea is air...
  14. N

    Water Evaporation Rate at 80°C, 1 atm

    For stirred, maintaining temperature at 80 and at atm pressure thx ..
  15. Integral

    Calculating Water evaporation rate

    Could someone link me up with some information, either text or web based, concerning evaporation rate of water, in a slightly reduced pressure environment. I need to design a settling tank for a vacuum system to separate a fine oxide powder from water. We produce the slurry at a rate of about...
  16. S

    Any takers approximating evaporation rate?

    Any takers approximating evaporation rate?! I am trying to estimate the rate of water loss from a 13'L x 6'W x 6'D mixing container at room temperature under a 12 inches of mercury vacuum. There is constant mixing of the fluid (dirty water). There is 180 cfm air movement through the top of...