What is Field of view: Definition and 17 Discussions

(the) Field of View (フィールド・オブ・ビュー Fīrudo obu Byū) were a popular Japanese rock band formed in 1994 by vocalist U-ya Asaoka, guitarist Takashi Oda, keyboardist Jun Abe and drummer Takuto Kohashi, with Jun Abe leaving and Kenji Niitsu joining the following year. The group's tenure lasted until their break up in December 2002.
One of their hit singles, Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku, was used as the opening theme for the popular anime series Dragon Ball GT.
Another single, 「渇いた叫び」(Kawaita Sakebi), was used as the opening for the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series from Toei in 1998.

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  1. jisbon

    Calculating coordinates of intercepts from field of view to target

    Say we are working in a 2D plane, with a camera and a ball flying past as shown. Camera at bottom, ball flying from left to right Given that I have the X/Y coordinates of the camera, as well as the coordinates of the ball at any given time during the 'flight', how am I supposed to calculate the...
  2. V

    I Object in or out of a circular field of view? (celestial coordinate system)

    In celestial coordinate system (right ascension/declination), how to check if an object with position RA and dec is within a given circular field of view of radius R (in arcminutes) and centred at (0,0)? R is small in this case so I assumed that I could compute the distance d of the object from...
  3. Tone L

    Optical Measurements of the Sun's radiance and ray tracing

    Summary: This is a hobbyist project I am working on. I am building an instrument to measure radiance from the sun at 500 nm, using optically filtered photodetector with bandwidth ± 10 nm. This type of science can be called Sun Photometry, so let's get to it! Geometry for Optics: The sun has an...
  4. A

    Simulate other lenses with Time of Flight (ToF) camera

    Hello, I have a small project in which I try to use a Time of Flight camera to detect movement in the Field of View. Now the current Field of View is really narrow (about 25° diagonal FoV), which is we I will have to simulate a bigger one. My professor did try to explain to me what changes...
  5. F

    Chief Ray Angle and Field of View

    Hi all! I was studying the datasheet of a CMOS sensor when I bumped into a graph which defined the CRA (Chief Ray Angle) of a lens as function of the FoV (Field of View). cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Dev/RaspberryPi/ov5647_full.pdf page 134 I've understood what is the CRA, and I've got the...
  6. G

    I Steam punk, Field of view including the eye

    Sorry if I missed the answer in my search. I expect I'm not use the correct terms. I want to design a Galilean/opera glasses style steampunk monical mounted to my reading glasses. I already have a simple lens that I can swing in front of my one eye. When using commercial eyeglass mounted...
  7. J

    Stargazing How Does Hubble's Field of View Compare to Amateur Telescopes?

    I have a questions about standard measurements of galaxies as it pertains to the following few sentences. In a description of a Hubble ultra deep field view, it is stated that "The HUDF focused on a small region of space in the constellation Fornax and produced an image containing 10,000 distant...
  8. 2

    Stargazing Understanding the Field of View of Reflecting and Refracting Telescopes

    I don't quite understand the concept of field of view of a telescope... Specifically, I am trying to understand the advantages of reflecting and refracting telescopes compared with the other, and my textbook says that "Refracting telescopes have a wider field of view than reflectors of the same...
  9. A

    Archived (Optics) Vignetting and field of view

    Homework Statement An 80 mm focal length thin lens is used to image an object with a magnification of -1/2. The lens diameter is 25 mm and a stop of diameter 20 mm is located 40 mm in front of the lens. How big is the unvignetted field of view [in terms of object size (in mm) and in terms of...
  10. T

    How Do You Calculate Telescope FOV Using Earth's Rotation?

    a problem from an olympiad "A student tries to measure field of view (FOV) of the eyepiece of his/her telescope, using rotation of the Earth. To do this job, the observer points the telescope towards Vega (alpha Lyr., RA: 18.5h , Dec: +39° ), turns off its "clock drive" and measures trace...
  11. S

    What is the field of view for the low power lens

    Homework Statement A high end microscope with a total power magnification of 1500x has a field of view of 120 micrometers. when fitted with a new objective with a low power lens, the total magnification is 900x. what is the field of view for the low power lens? Homework Equations...
  12. P

    Microscope field of view & depth of field/focus (confocal microscopy)

    Hi I am trying to run a FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching) experiment but I am struggling a little bit. For those not exposed to the technique it involves, for example, bleaching a spot in a specimen that is fluorescing rendering that spot dark in contrast. I have two separate...
  13. P

    Rear view mirror and field of view

    A bus driver looks into a plane mirror 20 cm long which is placed 50 cm in front of him. If the rear window is 500 cm from the plane mirror, through what length of the rear window can he see whenever he looks into the mirror while driving? I have thought about this question but am...
  14. Amith2006

    Field of view of cylindrical mirrors

    Sir, A driving mirror consists of a cylindrical mirror of radius 10 cm and the length over the curved surface is 10 cm. If the of the driver be assumed to be at a great distance from the mirror, what is the field of view of the mirror in radian? I don’t have any idea about cylindrical...
  15. B

    Exploring the Field of View of the Hubble Telescope

    I was just reading about the Hubble Telescope and I saw something saying that the planetary camera on it had a field of view of 2.5' x 2'. I don't actually know anything about astronomy so I was just curious what the field of view is? I found that the ' meant arcminutes, but that doesn' help...
  16. A

    Field of view: Understanding the Basics

    Hi.i have a question about Field of view. I know that it is an angle showing on a triangle.inside the area of the triangle any object can be photographed .am i right?i know tha it is not a scientific explanation, i am just saying what i have understood. i have a camera. I do not know the...
  17. A

    Calculate Field of View (FOV): Step-by-Step Guide

    Hi.thanks about my question on focal length.you were really helpful.Another question now about Field of view. I know that it is a angle showing a triangle.inside the area of the triangle any object can be photographed .a i right?i know tha it is not a scientific explanation iam just saying...