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Beyond Hell is the tenth studio album by Gwar. Released on August 29, 2006 by DRT Entertainment, the album was originally announced through the band's official website on February 23, 2006. Unlike the band's output since 2001, it is a concept album and a rock opera, centering on Gwar's journey to Hell as they escape from the attacking armies of humanity.

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  1. ProfessorMoreRight

    Greetings and Introductions for Myself

    Greetings fellow forum goers, I am MoreRight or by full pen name ProfessorMoreRight. I came here to further my knowledge in the realm of physics and in particular with a focus on figuring out how to properly model out the behaviors of interactions, materials, structures, and particles under...
  2. TEGNO

    Where Can Physics Students Ask Questions and Find Solutions?

    I'm a Physics student looking for somewhere to ask my questions and find solutions to my problems.
  3. cyberPunk

    From Atoms to the Universe; too much to know - too little time…

    Uni was an amazing time - I studied physics / maths methods / applied maths as an external student to London University. At the same time I was building equipment to use on my small telescope, checking out all the usual suspects. I am the nephew of Barrie Gilbert who was a big mover and shaker...
  4. TheePhysicsStudent

    Discovering a Community of Physics Enthusiasts: How Did You Find Physics Forums?

    I found physics forums simply well by searching up "Physics Forums" because I was stuck on a (Fairly basic) question from a text book whilst practicing mechanics Questions, Nuff said ay? I already feel like this is a community I will enjoy being a part of as I have read through the support given...
  5. Juanda

    What is the Potential of a Science Community Forum?

    Hello I'm Juanda. I'm a Mech Engineer with a few years of experience and I've always liked Maths and Physics. I am thrilled with finding this forum because of all the potential that resides in a community like this. I hope we can learn a lot from each other, find good books and have some fun...
  6. M

    What is the Importance of Introductions in Scientific Communication?

    Hi. I was told to introduce myself here. You can call me Mecejide /ˈmɛsədʒaɪd/.
  7. qft-El

    What should a Physics student know before joining a scientific community?

    Hello there! I'm a Physics student. I don't know what else I should say (or I feel like saying) about myself. I'm glad to join this community and hopefully enjoy my time here!
  8. SaranSDS008

    Hi to all students and Enthusiasts of Physics

    Hi to all folks who love physics and who re students and enthusiasts of physics! Im Saran. Age 21, Ive Loved physics to my core since i was a kid (Since like when i was 8 or somethin). Was and is keen to grab a real telescope for myself and watch the night sky (and learn abt it). Was for some...
  9. B

    Can a Background in Physics and Math Enhance a Career in Evolutionary Biology?

    Hey all! My name’s Bruno. I was a physics major for 2 years in undergrad, ended up switching to applied math and starting to do research in bio and now am a second year PhD student in mathematical evolutionary biology. I’m still really interested in physics though, especially general relativity...
  10. T

    Navigating the World of REUs: A New User's Experience

    Hello, I am posting here for the first time to get some feedback on an REU. I am a community college student hoping to transfer. I have taken all of my lower division physics and math courses. I am very interested in taking more Math. I enjoy learning the theory first. Funny enough, I never...
  11. MRB29

    Exploring Academic Prospects Abroad: A High School Senior's Journey in Physics

    Physics Forum is hugely informative, I somehow never taught about looking up such a forum and subsequently am very appreciative of the platform. I am a high school senior from Morocco and intend on majoring in physics abroad. I would appreciate any help with academic prospects counselling under...
  12. D

    What is the Exciting World of Solid State Physics and Nanotechnology?

    Hello, I've read the forum a few times before, thought it was time to make an account. I'm a doctorate student with focus on solid state physics, nanotechnology, 2D materials, and semiconductors. There's a lot more to learn!
  13. T

    Is QFT the Future of Theoretical Physics? Exploring the Possibilities with Tau

    Hello, everyone! I am Tau, from India, currently pursuing dual major in Physics and Mathematics. Since, I like theoretical physics mostly QFT, Hence I want to opt my further study in it. Thanks.
  14. A

    Where can I find reliable answers for challenging physics questions online?

    When I asked my professor "how do you find an answer for a question you don't know about Physics online" this is the site he recommended to me. Since most of my questions are about the theory more than the "homework" type, it's very hard to search for answers online.
  15. J

    What is the Role of Undergraduate Students in Advancing Scientific Research?

    Hi, I am James, a third-year undergraduate student from India. I am very passionate about science and especially love physics a lot. Looking forward to contributing to this amazing forum .
  16. A

    What is Mathematical Physics and Why is it Important for Undergraduates?

    I'm a senior undergrad interested in mathematical physics!
  17. Purpleshinyrock

    How Can I Overcome Challenges While Preparing for a Scholarship Exam?

    Hello I am Purpleshinyrock , I am here because I'am (currently) studying every week-day for a scholarship exam, and more often than I would want I find questions that I can't understand how to solve due to my lack of experience on the topic. So I came to this forum as an attempt to get the help...
  18. K

    Is Self-Study in Mathematics Right for Me?

    Hello! I have been following this site for quite some time and I quite like the more approachable atmosphere compared to areas like stack exchange, it makes me feel less like an idiot. I finished my bachelor's of Statistics and Data Science, didn't do so well on the statistics courses except...
  19. Adec

    Join the Discussion: Physics Undergrads Unite!

    Hey, I'm a physics undergraduate (currently in 4th year) in Spain. I felt like these forums are great for discussion, and also for help. I'm really happy to be a part of this community. Hope to see y'all again!
  20. bos3yed651

    A new chapter of my life that begins with physics.............

    I guess I'm here to find and connect with people, who have the same interest as me. My name is Abdulaziz and I am a civil and environmental engineer. After studying for four years at Tennesse Tech University. I found out that engineering is okay but my thing was physics. And one of the reasons...
  21. A

    New member and new physics student

    Hello, My name is Azi I'm 17 My hobby is reading novels or stories(but of course, i'll also read some physics book or article) I'm a new student of Physics Education Department at Yogyakarta State University(Indonesia) I'm still new to physics and wish i can learn a lot of things Best regards...
  22. rayjbryant

    What is Raymond Bryant's educational background and current pursuits?

    Age: 20 Location: NY state College: University at Buffalo Education: Pursuing a bachelors in mechanical and aerospace engineering.
  23. jonander

    Exploring the World of Physics: A Journey of Curiosity and Learning

    Hello everyone, my name is Jon. I'm from Spain but I have been living in London for two years already. In my day to day I work as Full Stack Software Developer. This year I decided to sign up to the UNED to pursue a Physics degree in my free time, something that I had been considering for...
  24. ramadhankd

    What is the Best Way to Design a Plastic Shredder?

    Hi everyone, My name is Rama and I'm a fresh grad mechanical engineer with solid mechanics as my focus of study. I aim to become an inventor, so I will try to work on various machine design project, starting with plastic shredder development. Please kindly help me. Thank you.
  25. bagasme

    Can Physics Be Challenging and Fun? A High School Graduate's Perspective

    Hi, I'm Bagas Sanjaya. I'm a high school graduate from Tangerang (County), Banten , Indonesia. When taking final examination before graduating, I choose physics because I challenged myself into a subject that most students think was difficult and boring, for complicated math calculations...
  26. A

    Join the PF Community: A Texas Teen's Passion for Math, Science, and Gaming

    Howdy, I'm AxiomOfEvil! I've been looking for a great educational community and am interested in getting help in my own personal studies. I'm about to graduate from high school and go off to college. I've always been interested in math & science, particularly physics. I'm a nerdy Texan teen and...
  27. K

    I'm supposed to introduce myself

    I've been a lurker here for a bit, I already posted a homework question which I guess I am not supposed to do. I am an undergraduate in Physics and Mathematics at a UC with a minor in poli-sci. I look forward to answering (and more commonly, asking) questions on here.
  28. I

    Exploring AP Physics 1: Tips and Resources from Physics Forums

    Hi! My name (on here) is IridiumTumbler, and I'm looking forward to getting guidance (and hopefully helping out a bit) on Physics Forums. I'm currently enrolled in AP Physics 1 - it's my first-ever physics course. I am really enjoying it, but am having some difficulty, especially with...
  29. Zakiyah Afrin

    PF: Your Ultimate Guide to Exploring the World of Physics!

    Hi, I am zakiyah student Rajshahi University, Department of Physics.
  30. Z

    What is the Journey of an Autodidact in Applied Mathematics and Physics?

    Hi Everyone, I am an Autodidact in Applied Mathematics and Physics. Currently I have a long way to go... As for my Background, I have Asperger's Syndrome and have a background in the medical sector.
  31. S

    What are the main sections of PF and how can they help me learn?

    Hi i am a high school student,I really like physics and math. I really like hard questions that work the brain.I am new to this forum,so if there are any issues with any of my posts please let me know.
  32. H

    What resources does PF offer for learning math and physics?

    Greetings to all, I am a 16 year old student in Lebanon that is really interested in Mathematics and physics, although my grades in school might not reflect this interest, I am quite sure that Mathematics is what I would like to study for my undergraduate degree and some postgrad degree...
  33. Yousuf Ejazi

    Introducing Yousuf Ejazi: A High School Scientist from Germany

    Hallo! (or Hello!) everyone, I am a high school student living in Germany! Hope to be able to get and contribute in return to this community! Yousuf Ejazi
  34. U

    Join the Physics Community for Enthusiasts and Researchers

    Hi! I'm Utkarsh from grade 10 and i am a physics enthusiast! I would love to post my research and knowledge hear, and interact with others!
  35. NuLiForm

    What resources can I find on Physics in the PF community?

    Hello, my name is Nan Beckwith & I'm a jack of all trades, master of none, cursed an unquenchable thirst to learn..all i can find. Grew up on the top of a mountain in NEPA, self taught reader by age 3, I'm more at home in a forest than anywhere else on this planet..but..i also have an...
  36. R

    Exploring the World of Physics: Join the Conversation with an Aspiring Scientist

    Hey guys! I'm an undergrad student in physics hoping to have interesting conversations and to find answers to my many, many questions :) Cheers, Max
  37. Jones15

    What are the latest developments in sensor technology?

    Hi this is Jones doing research on Sensors.. It would be helpful for me if i find some solutions to my problem of research area here in this forum.. Glad to interact with experts of this forum.. :-)
  38. Acookook

    What are the common challenges faced by students in understanding physics?

    Hi! I am Alex and I just joined this forum. I am very awful at physics (at least) at undestanding the subject. When given a proper explanation I understand it and can solve anything I desire. But not everything is so easy as it seems.
  39. R

    Exploring Nano Plasmonics for Enhanced Organic Solar Cell Efficiency

    Hello PF community, I am a recent grad from Virginia Tech in physics/EE, and I am working with Northrop Grumman, but I want to go to grad school in physics. To that end, I am studying for physics gre. My basics is shaky, but I intend to develop more intuitive understanding of concepts as I...
  40. B

    What Are the Most Popular Topics on BdGirl?

    ok that's not my name. I am Fariha from Bangladesh. Studying high school. Confused about my ambitions. As i love learning something new. I don't know how active this page is. Hopefully will be helpful. Looking forward to have some fun. Assalamualaikum.
  41. U

    Who am I and what brings me to this forum?

    Hello, I am new to the forum but have been a regular visit of the phys.org website for years. I have an applied science and information technology background.
  42. D

    Can I Combine My Love for Electronics with My Background in Genetics?

    After a career in human molecular genetics, I am returning to my lifelong enjoyment of electronics and instrumentation. I hope to gain a more fundamental understanding and visualization of electromagnetism at the level of photons. I dispair of not being able to comprehenf QFT at any useful level...
  43. T

    What sparked Tim's interest in physics, quantum mechanics, and cosmology?

    My name is Tim Van Hoomissen and I am currently a junior in high school, and I registered with this forum because I possesses little knowledge of physics, quantum mechanics, and cosmology, but I am very interested in these fields and want to learn more about them.
  44. L

    How Does ROOT Enhance Particle Physics Analysis?

    Hi, Guys in Physics Forums, I am a sophomore Physics Major interested in Particle Physics. Recently, I have been at a lab looking around and have started learning ROOT, a data analysis framework used mostly by particle physicists. For some reasons, I also have a little knowledge about Abstract...
  45. E

    How Can New Members Contribute to Understanding the Universe's Natural Laws?

    Hello all! Am Daniel from Nigeria. Am new here. I hope to learn lot more here and as well contribute in deepening our quest for the understanding of natural laws that govern the Universe.
  46. Peter Andrews

    What are the Best Fields for a Physics and Computer Science Student to Pursue?

    I'm a student from India and I'm studying to clear the IIT-JEE. I study physics, chemistry, maths, and computer science. I enjoy physics and computer science and I want to work in either of these fields. I also enjoy mathematics but my aptitude is not in it. Inorganic chemistry is not my area of...
  47. scottdave

    I learned Electricity in US Navy and have BS in EE from TAMU

    I enjoy answering questions on other forums such as Answers.com and Yahoo answers. I worked on RADAR in the Navy and then went on to get my engineering degree from Texas A&M.
  48. Sanchayan Ghosh

    Can Mechanics of Materials and Math Help Me Excel in Mechanical Engineering?

    Hello guys, I am a 2 year B.E student in mechanical engineering. I like solving mechanics of materials, math parts veru well( excerpt numerical methods). Reading and YouTube ate my favourite hobbies. Nice to meet you
  49. S

    What can I expect from studying physics as a bachelor's degree?

    Hello everybody! I am currently studying for a bachelors degree in physics. I have been reading the forums for a couple of years already, there is lots of valuable and interesting information here and I'm really glad to join you all!