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  1. K

    Is LHC pushing the limits of naturally observable phenomena in the Universe?

    Are collisions with the energy levels of LHC happening in our modern day Universe? Like at the core of stars or at the event horizon of black holes where a lot of high energy stuff is going on? Sorry for the naive question, I'm extremely interested in physics but I'm just not proficient...
  2. B

    Energy in LHC Collisions

    Can we use energy in LHC collisions?
  3. B

    ZZ found at LHC

    See Bob S
  4. T

    What else could the LHC accelerate?

    The LHC accelerates protons and lead ions. Are all the electrons stripped from the lead ions? If so, could lead ions with some electrons still be accelerated? Would there be any reason to? Could the LHC accelerate alpha particles or other nuclei? Why lead ions over lighter or heaver...
  5. G

    LHC doomsday claims

    Ok, so most of us are probably familiar with the micro-black hole fears that were pretty baseless. There is a new angle on the LCH doomsday scenario, involving the production of strangelets, which will allegedly produce a catastrophic "ice-9" reaction, flipping all the quarks on earth or some...
  6. J

    Does anyone know when the LHC will be open to the public again?

    I am hoping to visit CERN at some point, but the underground areas are closed off at the moment. So just wondering if anyone knows when it's open to the public again Thanks :)
  7. C

    I need some ideas for a sci-fi essay related to the accident of a LHC.

    Hi all, I'm writing a sci-fi story for a competition, are there any more realistic ideas of what accident can LHC cause that has massive impact on the whole earth? currently, my idea is the formation of massive blackholes from quantum ones which led to the Earth being swallowed. How...
  8. Vanadium 50

    LHC says quarks still elementary

    The ATLAS experiment has recently sent two papers for publication. Both look for evidence of quark substructure, in two different ways." [Broken], submitted to Physical Review Letters, looks for an excited quark, and does not see any evidence of one. Based on...
  9. H

    Particle collisions at the LHC

    Hello everyone, Quick question: Which particles are colliding at the LHC and why? All I know is that proton-proton collisions are explored as well as heavier nuclei such as gold (Au) and lead (Pb) to research the quark-gluon plasma state. -Hioj
  10. arivero

    New two-particle correlations observed in the CMS detector at the LHC [Broken] [Broken] pg 14
  11. A

    Watch LHC Operation in realtime

    FYI. You can watch LHC ops in realtime here. Currently ramping.
  12. E

    What if the Higgs is not found by LHC and Tev, nor anything else

    Technicolor models offer ways to break EWB that do not involve higgs, but do predict new observations at LHC energies. Based on precision WW scattering, unitarity would be violated without the Higgs mechanism. So if the Higgs, or something that plays its role, is not found, unitarity is...
  13. E

    Superconducting Super Collider still worth building after LHC?

    The cancelled Superconducting Super Collider had 3x beam energy of 40TEV vs LHC 14TEV. While it has been cancelled, could it be re-started 20-30 years after LHC hits diminishing returns in the future? Is there any new expected physics in SSC range over and above LHC that would make it worth...
  14. E

    LHC and SUSY Aug 2010 results, implications for string theory

    LHC thus far has ruled out some of the SUSY parameter space over and above Tev, esp gluinos above a certain mass. So LHC has offered some useful research into SUSY. Were SUSY gluinos detected it would be a huge boost to strings/Supergravity Beyond the Standard Model...
  15. L

    Proton proton collision (LHC)

    Is charge conserved in the remains of the collision?
  16. rhody

    Sounds of experimental data at the LHC" [Broken] This above link that has 17 different sounds: and" [Broken] Rhody... :wink: P.S. They use every trick in the book to give the data analysis team(s) every advantage...
  17. N

    Lhc particles harmful to humans?

    hi, i like a practical approach to everything (as you can see very clearly in this thread, so i will ask this question: when the lhc is running and colliding particles, if you stood in it, would you see the reaction occuring?, if so...
  18. P

    Will LHC measure gravitational waves?

    Considering they will eventually be colliding gold or lead ions, will they measure or be able to measure the gravitational impact of the collisions? Just curious since the velocity will be so extreme. I would think Tevatron would already have something to say about this, but I'm unsure of...
  19. R

    LHC t shirt formula

    I went to see the LHC (my version of a pilgrimage to Mecca). I bought a tshirt with a formula on it, but I can't find any information on what the formula describes. [Broken] hopefully, that link works, if not I can...
  20. rhody

    Day at LHC timelapsed to 4:45 minutes

    Thought some might enjoy this, I thought it was a cool video including the synthesizer's voice... Reminds me vaguely of Stephen Hawking's... Even if you are not familiar with all phases of the cycle, watching this video gives you a rough idea of the time intervals to inject (with retries...
  21. T

    LHC's real-world potential

    Hi! What are the most exciting potentials for current and future experiments done at the LHC? Really, I'd like to know what type of impact we can expect to see at a practical level. Any new technologies that may arise from these studies? How will studies at LHC affect our every-day world...
  22. rhody

    Atlas Experiment: CERN Video, link: All LHC Experiment docs

    First, the assembly, time lapsed of course..." This is a blow up of the Transition Radiation, Semi-conductor and Pixel Detectors, innermost Atlas detectors. Description of layers of detectors and what each one is...
  23. Jon Richfield

    Stany asked about LHC BH creation

    Moved from locked thread. Stany asked: 1: That was about creating mini black holes, not worm holes. 2: Although the maths was not provably impossible, it is not yet clear whether mini-black holes can be created in practice except by evaporation from not-so-mini BHs which is a SLOOOOOW...
  24. B

    Is there a black box recorder at the LHC?

    Is there a "black box recorder" at the LHC? To explain the question further: are there real-time records of exactly what's going on and/or voice recorders, analogous to what there are in commercial jets? If there were to be a major catastrophe at the LHC, they would need to know precisely what...
  25. P

    A few newbie questions about the LHC.

    Hello, I'm new here, and I guess I should give a brief intro.I'm in high school, and I have some interest in physics.A lot of it, in fact.I signed up because the fear mongering over the LHC led me to seek some answers, and I guess this is as good a place as any. Well, here goes: 1) What is...
  26. gabbagabbahey

    LHC Shutdown over fears of mini-white holes.

    I was checking the news this morning when I happened upon this shocking story:
  27. DevilsAvocado

    Breaking News – LHC first collisions at 7TeV, 30-march-2010, 13:00 CEST (7:00 am ET)

    This is a historical moment – CERN and Switzerland did not turn into a Black Hole! :biggrin: Here are some pictures and video from the event: The two beams getting aligned for collision...