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    Does superconductivity really have zero resistance?

    Take for instance putting the large hadron collider in space at a near absolute zero where you never have to put energy in to cool down the system. The LHC takes 10 GJ to run and the total energy of the two beams is 724 MJ. [1] Since the power to run the system never experiances resistence...
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    Testing String Theory

    String Theory is basically the idea involving an indefinite amount of invisible "strings" vibrating at a large spectrum of frequencies, thus creating sub-atomic particles that compose everything we experience and ourselves. It would make sense if you could test this theory by creating something...
  3. F

    Why don't these methods give me the same answer?

    Homework Statement The tunnel of the Large Hadron Collider is 27.00 km long. The LHC accelerates protons to a speed of 0.999997828 times the speed of light. How long would it take the proton to pass through the tunnel according to an observer at rest with respect to the building? To an observer...
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    Are these two calculations of electrostatic force correct?

    I was watching a show the other night about the Large Hadron Collider, and I got to wondering how much force it would take to push two uranium nuclei right up against each other. I figured it would be on the order of a thousandth, maybe a millionth of a pound, which seems like a lot, considering...
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    Large Hadron Collider - can it re-create the early universe?

    One of the aims of the Large Hadron Collider is that it may be able to re-create conditions in the early universe and therefore produce the quark-gluon plasma that appeared microseconds after the universe's birth. However a fundamental difference between the universe now (in which the...
  6. Dotini

    Simple Supersymmetry Bites the Dust Results from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have all but killed the simplest version of an enticing theory of sub-atomic physics. Researchers failed to find evidence of so-called "supersymmetric" particles, which many physicists had hoped...
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    Very very early universe help!

    Hello people!! I’m an engineer, and i’ve received math training, but i assume not to the level necessary to understand the deepest laws of the nature. Since I’ve reading about the Large Hadron Collider, I’ve been more and more interested in the cosmology. I’m interested in the VERY VERY...
  8. R

    Alternatives to Higgs Field

    Higgs field is proposed because the brute force inclusion of masses into the wave equation of say the W and Z force-field quanta destroys the underlying Lie group gauge symmetry. What if the Large Hadron Collider can't find the Higgs Boson. What are the alternatives to Higgs field that...
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    Physics-Based Extended Project Title Needed

    Hi Everyone , I'm in year 12 and have just started the extended project qualification with AQA and I'm seriously struggling to pick a topic. I have decided I want to do it on a subject to do with physics, as that's what I want to do at Uni. More specifically, I'd quite like to do it on...
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    Supergravity paper on LHC-physics by Chris Austin Abstract "Rough estimates are presented to show that the bump at 1.7 to 1.9 TeV seen in ATLAS-CONF-2010-088 could arise from about 10^{30} approximately degenerate Kaluza-Klein states of the d = 11 supergravity multiplet in the s channel, that could arise from...
  11. ZapperZ

    Marvel of Technology: The LHC, Machine, And Experiments

    The Chicago Blues Fest is going on this weekend in Grant Park right in the heart of downtown Chicago. If you are attending this, or are in downtown Chicago this afternoon, a short walk from the Blues Fest up Columbus drive just north of the Chicago River, you can attend this...
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    Is CERN LHC suppose to create matter or simply analyse debris of collision ?

    I read 2 books on CERN's LHC and I'm confused by the different information provided in regards to what exactly will the detectors will be analyzing. In the first book ("Present at creation" author: Mr.Aczel), it is clearly written that after the beams collides, matter (protons) will be...
  13. J

    What are the conditions inside the LHC Atlas detector?

    If I could be inside the LHC Atlas detector during a proton bean collision what would I see? Would there be a huge flash of light? Would I be killed, if yes how fast? Or would there be nothing to see?
  14. L

    LHC - relativistic energy in the large hadron collider equal to fixed target energy?

    Homework Statement The proposed maximum colliding beam energy, Ec, in the Large Hadron Collider is 7TeV per beam (proton-proton collisions). By a Lorenz transformation, show clearly that to produce the same centre of mass energy in a 'fixed target' interaction, the beam energy woulr have to...
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    Has missing energy been discovered at the LHC?

    I've been search through google to find out if there has been anything on missing energy so far, i have found nothing. Is there any evidence for or against extra dimensions?
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    Feynman diagram of how Z is produced at LHC, and info?

    Homework Statement So, I got this task, which I feel either really dumb, or nobody is able to explain: I got this question: Z and W was discovered in 1973 at CERN, how were they produced? Include Feynman diagram and a short description. Then there is this question: How is the Z and W produced...
  17. P

    What's the main difference between ATLAS and CMS detectors in LHC?

    And can the two run simultaneously?
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    Do the conditions created by the LHC accurartely simulate the big bang?

    The LHC is supposed to create conditions similar to the big bang. Although energy densities, temperatures and other conditions may be similar to those theorized in the big bang and soon thereafter, are the conditions of space and time the same now as then? If time and or space were fundamentally...
  19. K

    Luminosity in LHC

    I'm an engineer. What's luminosity? I don't understand the explanation of Wikipedia. Why are physics glad if the luminosity grows up in LHC, respect of last year?
  20. J

    Latest results from the LHC are casting doubt on the theory of supersymmetry

    Latest results from the LHC are casting doubt on the theory of supersymmetry "I'm wouldn't say I'm concerned," says John Ellis, a theorist at CERN, Europe's particle-physics lab near Geneva, who has worked on...
  21. M

    LHC to achieve design energy in 2012/2013?

    I kind of overheard an discussion over at another forum regarding this, but none could seem to find a reliable source to verify it. The only thing I could find is information from page 1 at the LHC Portal saying that the might "skip" the planned stop during 2012 and perhaps even increase...
  22. T

    LHC News

    Is there any LHC News Well the LHC has been running at 7TeV for 6 months now and everything seems very quite, is it still too early to hear of discoveries? I have searched the LHC site and the web but there nothing out there. I presume that Higgs has not been found?
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    LHC forces on a proton

    I posted an LHC question a while back but did not get a reply. I'll ask a somewhat different, simplified and more specific question. I hope I am asking the question correctly. How much inward radial force is needed to keep a proton going in a 27 km circular path at 7 Tev or a Lorentz factor...
  24. P

    Early LHC results

    Are there any early results from the LHC? If so what have they seen?
  25. M

    Density LHC vs Cosmic Rays

    Hello, I was reading the quote below in a safety debate and I had a question. It is generally accepted that flux density is not a safety issue, why is that? One would think that the more energy one fits into one place at a certain time, the more energetic the situation is. Like when you use a...
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    LHC from Ikea

    I don't think it's held together with wooden dowlings though... [PLAIN] [Broken]
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    LHC Findings

    I am aware that the LHC accelerates subatomic particles to just under the speed of light then smashes them together. However, at the time of collision, would this mean that the combined speed of the impacting particles is almost two times the speed of light? Or are the particles individually...
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    Visiting the LHC?

    So I am making plans to visit my sister in Switzerland this spring (around April or May?) and was excited to discover that we will be actually very close to the Large Hadron Collider! I immediately started wondering if there was some way to take a trip over there. Not sure where best on PF to...
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    LHC beam question.

    Hello everyone, Ummm.... question that I was asked by one of my children which i just cannot answer.... With the LHC running with a beam of highly accelerated protons whizzing around.... what would be the effect if they were able to impinge on someone (or something). Seeing as they are moving...
  30. L

    Question about the LHC

    Ok when they say things such as teraelectronvolts i dont know what sorta context that applies to. like are they pumping that much energy into the magnets or what are they doing with all those electron volts its confusing. like what do they mean when they say beam x number of teraelectronvolts...