What is Magnetic torque: Definition and 16 Discussions

The magnetic moment is the magnetic strength and orientation of a magnet or other object that produces a magnetic field. Examples of objects that have magnetic moments include: loops of electric current (such as electromagnets), permanent magnets, elementary particles (such as electrons), various molecules, and many astronomical objects (such as many planets, some moons, stars, etc).
More precisely, the term magnetic moment normally refers to a system's magnetic dipole moment, the component of the magnetic moment that can be represented by an equivalent magnetic dipole: a magnetic north and south pole separated by a very small distance. The magnetic dipole component is sufficient for small enough magnets or for large enough distances. Higher-order terms (such as the magnetic quadrupole moment) may be needed in addition to the dipole moment for extended objects.
The magnetic dipole moment of an object is readily defined in terms of the torque that object experiences in a given magnetic field. The same applied magnetic field creates larger torques on objects with larger magnetic moments. The strength (and direction) of this torque depends not only on the magnitude of the magnetic moment but also on its orientation relative to the direction of the magnetic field. The magnetic moment may be considered, therefore, to be a vector. The direction of the magnetic moment points from the south to north pole of the magnet (inside the magnet).
The magnetic field of a magnetic dipole is proportional to its magnetic dipole moment. The dipole component of an object's magnetic field is symmetric about the direction of its magnetic dipole moment, and decreases as the inverse cube of the distance from the object.

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    Current in a current-carrying loop experiencing no torque

    Disclaimer: The solution to this question has already been posted by my instructor. I made this post to understand why my solution is wrong or if the instructor is wrong, since their explanation does not make sense to me. My reasoning: Using the fact that the magnetic torque on a...
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    Difference in these two concepts of Magnetic Torque

    I am confused with the concept of Torque handled differently in books, Concept1: If a loop is placed in a magnetic field and the current flowing in the loop is ##I## there will be force and torque acting on the loop given by ##F = I \vec l \times \vec B ##. The torque is given by ##\tau =\vec...
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    Solving Magnetic Torque Problems with Unit Vectors: Homework Help

    Homework Statement Homework Equations m=N*I*A T=m X B m = n(unit vector) *m The Attempt at a Solution To calculate m, I know it is just plugging in the information. Thus, m=0.8. Now, the question is computing the unit vector, which has me confused. Using the right hand rule, and going along...
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    What is the effect of a shunt on the sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer?

    Homework Statement If a shunt of 1/10th of the coil resistance is applied to a moving coil galvanometer,then it's sensitivity becomes (a)10 fold (b)11 fold (c)1/10 fold (d)1/11 foldHomework Equations ϕ / I = NAB/LThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] So sensitivity gets increased by only these...
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    Magnetic Torque on Dipole; Oscillating Magnet question

    Homework Statement A cylindrical bar magnet whose mass is 0.08 kg, diameter is 1 cm, length is 3 cm, and whose magnetic dipole moment is <5, 0, 0> A · m2 is suspended on a low-friction pivot in a region where external coils apply a magnetic field of <1.4,0,0> T You rotate the bar magnet...
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    MHB Deriving Formula for Magnetic Torque on Semicircular Loop

    I'm trying to derive a formula for the magnetic torque on a semicircular loop. what I've done so far is this The magnetic force on the non-curved loop is $\vec{F}_{x}=\int Idx\hat{i}\times B_{\circ}\hat{i}=0N$ for the curved loop $\vec{F}_{c}=\int_{0}^{\pi} Ird\phi\hat{\phi}\times...
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    Magnetic torque on cell membrane by MNPs

    Hello, Suppose sinosodial AC and pulsed DC magnetic fields with equal rms are applied on animal cells in the presence of magnetic nanoparticles. For the mean field strengths to be equal, the peak value of the square wave (with 50% duty cycles) must be sqrt. 2, which means that the maxiumum...
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    Potential energy and magnetic torque

    i'm having a hard time understanding why potential energy is 0 when u(mu) is perpendicular to B(mag field). Isn't the torque at max when the angle between u and B is 90? and there for has potential to do work all the way until the angle is 0. The way my mind sees it is, since there is a torque...
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    Point of application of magnetic torque.

    Homework Statement Hello, When a current carrying loop (of any shape) is placed in a uniform magnetic field B , the field is given by MχB where M is the magnetic moment vector I*A where I Is current and A is the area vector. I want to know at which point or for which axis is the torque...
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    Magnetic torque acts about which point on magnetic dipole?

    1. when there is a current in a loop and it is placed in a magnetic field then there will be the torque on it along the direction of mxB axis.but that axis will pass through which point.will that torque act through the center of the loop only?? 2. suppose a current (I) carrying loop (of R)is...
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    Magnetic moment and magnetic torque of a current loop

    Hi. I have a question concerning the magnetic momentum of a current loop. We know that if we have a circular current loop (a solenoid with N=1), there is a magnetic moment (mu) in the center of the loop given by "mu=S I" (I=current, S =surface enclosed by the loop). So, if there is an external...
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    What is the process for measuring torque in a magnetic field experiment?

    Homework Statement please refer to this website http://www.nikhef.nl/~h73/kn1c/praktikum/phywe/LEP/Experim/4_3_04.pdf bascially it wants me to measure torque as a function of 1) strength of magnetic field between 2 helmholtz current coil (constant b-field) 2) angle between the magnetic...
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    Determining the magnetic torque on a loop

    Homework Statement A current I flows in a plane rectangular current loop with height a and horizontal sides b. The loop is placed into a uniform magnetic field \vec{B} in such a way that the sides of length a are perpendicular to \vec{B} (Part A 1 figure), and there is an angle \theta between...
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    The magnitude of the magnetic torque on the loop

    A plastic circular loop of radius R and a positive charge q is distributed uniformly around the circumference of the loop. The loop is then rotated around its central axis, perpendicular to the plane of the loop, with angular speed omega. If the loop is in a region where there is a uniform...
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    Magnetic torque on sphere on inclined plane

    [SOLVED] Magnetic torque on sphere on inclined plane Homework Statement a nonconducting sphere has mass 80 g and radius 20 cm. a flat, compact coil of wire with 5 turns is wrapped tightly around it, with each turn concentric with the sphere. the sphere is placed on an inclined plane that...
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    Maxwell 3D: Magnetic Torque Analysis and Tutorials

    Hello All, I have Maxwell 3D on my computer and I want to use it to do some 3D magnetic torqure analysis on some magnet designs that I am working on. I have created a model that I would like to simulate in AutoCAD and I want to transfer it to Maxewell to do the analysis. But I am not sure how...