What is Mechanic of materials: Definition and 12 Discussions

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  1. salamikorv

    Given force, need to determine what bearing to use for a crane

    Hey! I want to determine what bearings to use for this manual crane and the only thing i know is that it should be able to lift a wieght of 1000kg at max and that the winch should pull 1.24 m of cable/min. Im looking to find the force P to then determine C, and i think P is only the radial force...
  2. enigmaticbacon

    How many capybaras does it take to move a Stonehenge rock?

    I’m writing a presentation for younger students explaining how science can help them satiate their curiosity in a fun way. This presentation’s goal is to apply as much science as possible to a ridiculous question in hopes of promoting STEM fields. My example is, how many capybaras --the world’s...
  3. A

    Timoshenko, Strength of materials example solution

    Hi everyone, I am new here, so please be kind if I make mistakes on this forum, I will try to learn fast. I need help in explaining the solution of one of the examples from Timoshenko's Strength of Materials book. The solution is provided in the book, but I did not get it, no matter at which...
  4. A

    Torsion in thin-walled members

    is T=2*q*A formuala valid for both open thin-walled and closed thin-walled members, where T is torque, q is shear flow, and A is the Area.
  5. claraberner

    Mohr's Circle does y-axis = max strain or max strain/2?

    This isn't a problem assignment per-say, but for a lab calculation. In my mechanics of material's class, we learned that the radius of Mohr's circle is the maximum strain, but now in my application lab-based class, the video is saying the radius is equal to the maximum strain divided by 2. So...
  6. G

    Mechanics of Materials -- inclined ladder

    Homework Statement [/B] The inclined ladder AB supports a house painter (85 kg) at C and the self weight (q = 40 N/m) of the ladder itself. Each ladder rail (tr = 4 mm) is supported by a shoe (ts = 5 mm) which is attached to the ladder rail by a bolt of diameter dp =8 mm. 1) Find support...
  7. J

    Calculating stress and deflection in steel plate

    Hiya, I'm been calculating stress and deflection in rectangle steel plate, I've been using two methods to see if I get the same results but i get different results. I want to confirm the methods I'm using and if I'm using them correctly. I have attached photos of my calculations, any...
  8. D

    How to determine direction of a moment

    Homework Statement I am following the first problem on this online pdf: http://www.ce.udel.edu/courses/CIEG212/Homework_1_2007.pdf Homework Equations Equilibrium equations for forces and moments. The Attempt at a Solution I know how to solve the problem, that part is straight forward. However...
  9. O

    Column under a concentric axial load (Buckling)

    Hi everyone, I have a cylindrical column under a concentric axial load. The load which is applied in the column is less than the critical buckling force (according to Euler´s formula). Due to this load, the column suffers a displacement (buckling effect), and I would like to determine which is...
  10. thegreengineer

    Mechanics of materials torsion doubt

    Good evening. I've got stuck in this question from my book of Mechanics of Materials by Beer and Johnston about torsion. The allowable shearing stress is 15 ksi in the 1.5-in.-diameter steel rod AB and 8 ksi in the 1.8-in.-diameter brass rod BC. Neglecting the effect of stress concentrations...
  11. R

    Confussion with setting up loading conditions on cylinder

    I have a horizontally supported cylindrical tube that is fixed at both ends. I modeled half of it to run the simulation on in Abaqus. The only load that it has is its weight. What I get confused at with cylindrical geometry is applying the load. How should I apply the gravitational load and at...