What is Mems: Definition and 33 Discussions

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), also written as micro-electro-mechanical systems (or microelectronic and microelectromechanical systems) and the related micromechatronics and microsystems constitute the technology of microscopic devices, particularly those with moving parts. They merge at the nanoscale into nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) and nanotechnology. MEMS are also referred to as micromachines in Japan and microsystem technology (MST) in Europe.
MEMS are made up of components between 1 and 100 micrometers in size (i.e., 0.001 to 0.1 mm), and MEMS devices generally range in size from 20 micrometres to a millimetre (i.e., 0.02 to 1.0 mm), although components arranged in arrays (e.g., digital micromirror devices) can be more than 1000 mm2.
They usually consist of a central unit that processes data (an integrated circuit chip such as microprocessor) and several components that interact with the surroundings (such as microsensors). Because of the large surface area to volume ratio of MEMS, forces produced by ambient electromagnetism (e.g., electrostatic charges and magnetic moments), and fluid dynamics (e.g., surface tension and viscosity) are more important design considerations than with larger scale mechanical devices. MEMS technology is distinguished from molecular nanotechnology or molecular electronics in that the latter must also consider surface chemistry.
The potential of very small machines was appreciated before the technology existed that could make them (see, for example, Richard Feynman's famous 1959 lecture There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom). MEMS became practical once they could be fabricated using modified semiconductor device fabrication technologies, normally used to make electronics. These include molding and plating, wet etching (KOH, TMAH) and dry etching (RIE and DRIE), electrical discharge machining (EDM), and other technologies capable of manufacturing small devices.

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  1. M

    High frequency in MEMS devices

    Hello, I am designing a resonant mems accelerometer. It has a resonating beam. We are actuating it by AC voltage + DC voltage. We are going to actuate it at beam's resonance frequency. When I search for papers related to previous studies, I encounter resonance frequencies ranging from 20 kHz to...
  2. Edge5

    How Do Resonant MEMS Accelerometers Detect Changes in Acceleration?

    Hello, Suppose that I have a resonant MEMS accelerometer. It has a suspending beam (resonator) and I want to apply an AC voltage to the beam which will be at beam's resonant(natural) frequency. When I do this, I will create a standing wave pattern of acoustic waves (vibrations) inside the...
  3. Jesus Ibarra

    Total elongation of differently shaped "springs"

    Hello! First of all, my field is not Mechanical Engineering but Nanotechnology so I apologize if I use very basic terms. I am currently working on the design of an in-plane optical MEMS accelerometer. The idea is: a waveguide is built within the structure so that when the MEMS is accelerated...
  4. sandeep4442

    Etching of SiO2 layer in SOI substrate using RIE

    Hello all, I am trying to etch SiO2 buried layer for MEMS suspended structures using RIE and the receipe is CHF3 + 2% O2 Plasma. In my structures, the sacrificial layer is SiO2. How does the etching process vary from vertical to lateral (underneath of top Si) etching of SiO2.
  5. C

    Processor Interior Schematics?

    Does anybody know where to find schematics of the interior of modern processors for lithography? Not brand new, as far back as 32nm nodes? Or where to begin with this search? Thank
  6. T

    A Automotive project to determine road gradient during braking

    Hello Forum, Does anybody have suggestions as to how we can use IMU's (accelerometers and gyros) to determine the gradient of a road during a braking event. We have wheel speed inputs so can calculate decelerations independently from the IMU. Thank You Tim
  7. J

    Noise Issues with closed loop accelerometers

    Hi, Can anybody explain to me what the major noise issues are with mems closed loop accelerometers
  8. R

    Micro laser welding, the picture is a crack?

    Hi guys, My name is Rogelio H. Aguirre, a grad student from the University of Waterloo working on MEMS sensors. Currently, I am working with micro laser welding suppliers to fabricate the packaging of a pressure and a temperature sensor. I have some experience on weldings, but not in micro...
  9. J

    How to measure displacement and Force simulatuously in Ansys Structural domain

    Hi i am performing a multiphysics simulation in which i am importing results of Electric-Thermal domain into Transient Structural domain in Ansys Workbench 14.5. As the simulation time is 5 hrs and given that i have to perform 20 case studies , so i want to know is their a way around in Ansys...
  10. C

    Relationship between size and frequency of an oscillator

    I've always just accepted that as you scale down a mechanical system the frequency and Q factor both increase. For example, this Wikipedia page simply says that "Small bells ring at higher frequencies than large bells". But for a driven damped harmonic oscillator, what is the exact relationship...
  11. C

    Triaxial MEMS accelerometer inertial navigation

    Hi all! I have a question that maybe some people of this great comunity can help. I´m working with a platform with 16 MEMS accelerometers distributed along the whole surface with a knew position and orientation, I have to measure the differences in acceleration on the Z axis, to get the surface...
  12. L

    Understanding MEMS Accelerometers: Converting and Integrating Data

    I am bit confused on the units when you convert acceleration to displacement. The accelerometer data is in bits. I can convert this to gs or milli gs. When integrating, this will get multiplied by millisecs. What will the displacement unit be in?
  13. L

    Understanding MEMS Gyro Output: X & Y Axis Positioning

    I have a basic question about MEMS gyros - Let's say a dual axis(X & Y) gyro IC is lying flat. Ideally the output reading would be zero. If I lift one end of the IC by some degrees, there would be change in output reading. Let's call this new reading. When the IC is held at this position...
  14. W

    MEMS Gyroscopes vs Accelerometers - When to use each?

    I am designing a motion tracking device and just discovered that there exists solid-state gyroscopes. My question is simply "What is the benefit or application of the MEMS Gyroscope compared with a solid state accelerometer?" As far as I can tell, the accelerometer and the gyroscope can be...
  15. R

    Determining the Cut-off Frequency of a MEMS Accelerometer

    Greetings Forum, I just bought an Invensense MPU-6050, I need to design an LPF to filter the noise. How do I analyse the signal and how do I determine the frequency beyond which the signal is altered by noise. Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers
  16. J

    Simulation Tools for Solid State Devices and MEMS

    I have worked with softwares that help me simulate circuits (Hpice, Proteus, MultiSim), but is there a software that helps me simulate devices right from the level of the atom? For instance, I should be able to create a pattern of boron with silicon atoms, and then be able to replicate it 1...
  17. B

    Is there a need for 5 layer MEMS in Particle Physics Experimental Setups?

    http://www.ua-kits.com/mems/ow_userfiles/themes/theme_image_1.jpg Actual MEMS design drawing of rotating plate with sections coated with platinum intended to rotate greater than 350,000 rpm with synchronous pulsed optical triggers. The plate and supporting substrate is mostly transparent to...
  18. F

    Differential Readings upon Reversing Polarity on MEMS Gyroscope

    Hi, y'all; This will likely be a simply question for most of you, but I am still something of a neophyte (yes, yes, starting off with the whole education thing in my 30's -- egad!) but if I were to reverse the current running through a MEMS gyroscope, what would be the outcome in the figures...
  19. X

    MEMS device research between EE/Physics/Math

    Hi, In designing and developing semiconductor/micro-electronic devices, what is the difference in research done between Physics, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering departments? Some Applied Mathematics departments work on numerical modelling and simulation of semiconductor devices...
  20. T

    MEMS and Duffing curve on ANSYS APDL

    Hi all, I'm a student in an Engineer School in France and I would like to know if you can help me on this subject. The system, I have to model on ANSYS, is composed by a clamped clamped silicon beam and actuated by an electric signal V=Vc+Va*cos(w*t) from an electrode located under the...
  21. R

    Casimir, MEMS, and nearby capacitors and masses.

    Homework Statement Can the output of a casmir sensor be altered by external nearby AC capacitors or masses, if there is no apparent electomagnetic field? Consider the same application in some void of space. MEMS applications. Homework Equations Casimir formulas. The Attempt at a...
  22. H

    MEMS spring structure analysis

    Homework Statement I am trying to analyze this structure to find its resonant frequency when activated with a electrostatic comb drive for a lab report. I know how to find electrostatic force but what I'm not so sure on what models to use for the semi circular spring. Homework Equations...
  23. G

    Exploring the Use of Diamond in MEMS: Questions Answered

    Hi I am doing a research project into the use of diamond in MEMS and I've got a few questions for anyone who knows a bit about this field: 1) What are the major uses of diamond in MEMS (I haven't found nearly as many as I would have expected)? 2) Is Microwave plasma CVD the best way for...
  24. B

    Mems cantilevers vs. Euler-Bernoulli

    Greetings I am trying to understand the greatly differing results between calculating the theoretical deflection of a cantilver and simulating it in ANSYS. The cantilever is 1 um thick, 5 um wide and 300um long, one end is attached, the other end receives a force of 100uN in the y-direction...
  25. J

    How to get MEMS design produced?

    Anyone know of a company that can make affordable production of Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) designs?
  26. M

    Schools Mechanical engineering Grad School- MEMS

    Hey, my company may be sending me to get a masters in mechanical engineering, particularly for small electromechanical engineering. It's not quite MEMS, but I think MEMS best applies and that was specifically what my manager is asking for. So, what grad schools have good MEMS programs...
  27. E

    The nono technology and bio mems

    hello all i need to know whts the application of the nano technology and its fabrication i need a referenced data for my researh give me a simple and logic data
  28. H

    Getting into the field of MEMS

    I am currently studying biomedical engineering and have been thinking about pursing this as a concentration area for my degree. I was trying to find info on what kind of courses would best prepare me to go out into industry and work in this area. I figured some of the smart people here would...
  29. L

    Calculating Stress Tensor and Voltage for MEMS Project

    Hi all, I'm doing a MEMS project, I have a cantilever beam with a mass at its end, I need to calculate the stress tensor at the beam contact point, there is a piezoelectric matirial there, and I want to calculate the voltage it generates. somebody can please help me and explain how to calculate...
  30. L

    Calculating Stress Tensor for MEMS Project

    Hi all, I'm doing a MEMS project, I have a cantilever beam with a mass at its end, I need to calculate the stress tensor at the beam contact point, there is a piezoelectric matirial there, and I want to calculate the voltage it generates. somebody can please help me and explain how to calculate...
  31. J

    ANSYS for MEMS (Especially Electrostatic)

    Does anyone have experience simulating MEMS (especially multi-coupled electrostatic analysis) in ANSYS that would answer a few questions.
  32. A

    RF MEMS for Silicon: Find Permittivity, Permeability & Conductivity

    Hello, can any tell website where i can find Permittivity,Permeability and conductivity(or resistivity) of silicon, silicon nitride and aluminum.thanks and also if anyone has worked in ELECTROMAGNETIC module of Intellisite (version 8.1)for RF MEMS Switches please do tell me i need some guide line.
  33. Ivan Seeking

    Square wheel locomotion for MEMS

    Invented and patented by a twelve year old boy. http://www.memsnet.org/news/1132507379-0/