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A Automotive project to determine road gradient during braking

  1. Mar 1, 2016 #1
    Hello Forum,

    Does anybody have suggestions as to how we can use IMU's (accelerometers and gyros) to determine the gradient of a road during a braking event. We have wheel speed inputs so can calculate decelerations independently from the IMU.

    Thank You

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    If wheel speed is constant but acceleration is being measured what are the possible causes and how could you distinguish them?
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    Are you assuming the wheels don't slip during the acceleration? If yes then you should have enough information. Draw the vector diagram for the accelerations.
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    Yes, like most car speedos do. Though if it's a heavy braking test then skidding is likely so it maybe a problem.
    I'm not sure how race cars get around this? GPS?
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    Yes the assumption is no wheel slip. Can anybody add anything more practical like, we need a gyro and accelerometer ?
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