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Is there a need for 5 layer MEMS in Particle Physics Experimental Setups?

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    http://www.ua-kits.com/mems/ow_userfiles/themes/theme_image_1.jpg [Broken]
    Actual MEMS design drawing of rotating plate with sections coated with platinum intended to rotate greater than 350,000 rpm with synchronous pulsed optical triggers. The plate and supporting substrate is mostly transparent to infrared. This is a 4-layer device. ​

    I'm working with the MEMS University Alliance (MUA) and we have the opportunity to provide 5-layer MEMS design software and fabrication; MEMS is normally 2 maybe 3 layers. This will be the only system available for producing 5 layer MEMS devices.

    This provides a great deal of increased flexibility in the design of experiments.

    In Accellerator and Collider experiments, is there any need for placing an active target in some form of physical stress (linear/angular velocity/acceleration, centrifugal force, high speed differential femto gravitational fields, active optical windows, active reflectors, active samples, fluidics, biology related...) to derive some form of characterization? In accelerators, colliders...

    The NSF has focused effort on gravity experiments and relating relativity.<link>

    MEMS gears can rotate in excess of 350,000 rpm and lever systems have many billions of cycles of repeatable operation. Entire machine mechanisms can be created smaller than 1/2 the width of a hair or as large as the 6" wafer itself, and therefore can fit in most fixtures for experiments. The smallest feature clearance is 1 micrometer and the smallest shape feature is 50 nanometers.

    Before the MEMS University Alliance commits common resources we would like to know what University departments and organizations/industries involved with national needs, would have the most intense interest in these advanced capabilities. We are not looking for funding, but if no one has the need, then we would be remiss to waste our resources?

    I very much would appreciate related physicists and other related researchers to direct your associates here to comment and participate in discussion. I am trying not to be overactive on related technical/social networks so this will likely be one of a very few places to have influence in creating a MEMS 5-layer resource if they have an interest.
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    I happen to think, are there any experimentalists here?

    Theorists have no need to neutralize the effects of physical environments on experiemental outcomes to separate systems of influence.
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    There are.

    However, particle physics cares about interactions between single particles or nuclei only - and you cannot alter their properties with mechanical systems (in a significant way).

    It might be useful for the infrastructure - particle detectors, particle sources, whatever. No idea there.
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