natural selection

  1. Cal ben

    How is speciation possible within known confines?

    Please someone help me understand the concept of the actual occurrence of speciation. Cataclysmic Evolution may account for some species but not many, it could only practically apply to asexual species and would undermine genetic diversity. Actually I can save a lot of explanation by clarifying...
  2. Thomas McGuigan

    Any thoughts on natural selection?

    I have been in a heated discussion with my acquaintance about natural selection. Anyone who thinks natural selection is a real thing any links would be helpful
  3. S

    Nausea from vertigo: an evolutionary by-product?

    Why do humans (and other mammals) get nauseated from dizziness or vertigo? I can see the evolutionary advantage of nausea from food poisoning, but I can't see the direct "link" between vertigo and vomit. I found something on