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NEOS – The New Austria and Liberal Forum (German: NEOS – Das Neue Österreich und Liberales Forum) is a liberal political party in Austria. It was founded as NEOS – The New Austria in 2012. In 2014, NEOS merged with Liberal Forum and adopted its current name.
Since 2018, NEOS's chairwoman and parliamentary leader has been Beate Meinl-Reisinger. It is the smallest party in the National Council with 15 seats, and won 8.3% in the 2019 legislative election. NEOS is represented in six of Austria's nine state legislatures, and is involved in government in Salzburg and Vienna. NEOS is a member of the ALDE Party, and its one MEP sits with the Renew Europe group in the European Parliament.

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  1. oshanfox

    Can Aspiring Physicists Like Oshanfox Impact Nuclear Fusion Innovation?

    Good afternoon, I am oshanfox, a new member of PF and an aspiring physicist. I really love learning about physics but I am super dumb so I hope I am able to learn a thing or two from this community so please take care of me. I love Steins;Gate and the overall idea of becoming a scientist. I...
  2. Alan Johnson

    High school student interested in a greater understanding of physics

    Hello! I won't be around super often, but I hope to better understand physics in both macro&micro scale. I found this site because I had a hypothesis I was hoping simple research could disprove, but I wasn't able to find much of anything. So I decided to try and find a dedicated form to answer...
  3. sol47739

    Why Is Studying Physics Exciting for New Community Members?

    Hello! I am studying physics and I look forward to be a member of this community.
  4. A

    Exploring the Intersection of Chemical Engineering and Optics: A Ph.D. Journey

    I am doing a Ph.D. in optics in the UK. Nonetheless, my core formation is as a chemical engineer. That is why I lack some knowledge about optics that I am actively going to look for answers and figure out my unknowns in this forum.
  5. MarkTheQuark

    Hello I'm a undergrad physics student from Brazil

    Hello everyone, I'm a undergrad student at the State University of Maringa, from Brazil. In three semesters I'll graduate with a bachelor degree. And I want to do a master in biophysics, probably in another country and I think that's it.
  6. MaratZakirov

    Are there more user-friendly physics forums than Stack Overflow?

    Hi all my name is Marat Zakirov, I am an engineer/programmer from Russia, my current specialization is in computer vision. Recently I was searching more user-friendly physics forum than stackoverflow-physics. I will try to ask clean, easy to understand questions which confused me.
  7. jonander

    Exploring the World of Physics: A Journey of Curiosity and Learning

    Hello everyone, my name is Jon. I'm from Spain but I have been living in London for two years already. In my day to day I work as Full Stack Software Developer. This year I decided to sign up to the UNED to pursue a Physics degree in my free time, something that I had been considering for...
  8. JAAZeid

    Introducing Joe: A New Member in the World of Physics and Engineering

    Hey guys, I'm Joe I'm new here very excited to get involved in this community. I'm a civil engineer and I love physics. Nice to meet you all
  9. A

    Who is the newest member of PF?

    Hello. I am a new member
  10. gmastrogiovanni

    How Can We Resolve Interpretative Errors in Quantum Mechanics?

    Greeting from Rome! I am 53 years old and I graduated in physics back in 1990, but I have always worked in the Information Technology area. I work in the IT staff of the most important Italian newspaper on economics and finance: Il Sole 24 ORE spa https://www.ilsole24ore.com/ After so many...
  11. S

    What are the main sections of PF and how can they help me learn?

    Hi i am a high school student,I really like physics and math. I really like hard questions that work the brain.I am new to this forum,so if there are any issues with any of my posts please let me know.
  12. M

    What is the Role of Hydrodynamics in Impact Forces and Surface Tension?

    Hi, I'm Michael. Live in England and am doing my GCSEs this coming academic year, quite interested in hydrodynamics and impact forces resulting in surface tension and deceleration due to drag and buoyancy. Thanks for reading :)
  13. B

    Exploring the Three Main Sections of PF: A Guide for New Scientists

    I’m a new member. I’m grateful to be apart of a physics community.
  14. I

    What Can You Learn from a Theoretical Physics Undergraduate Project?

    Hi, I'm a new member here. I'm studying theoretical physics in Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, as an undergraduate student, and currently doing my final project. Nice to meet you all!
  15. W

    Can a Tool Maximize Power and Water Usage for Displaced Populations?

    I am an undergrad student at Ontario College of Art and Design. I am currently working on my thesis, which is to design a tool that can maximize the usage of power and water, for those displaced from their home (refugees, victims of natural disaster). The project is starting to build momentum...
  16. navneet9431

    What Are the Benefits of Studying Physics and Mathematics at a Young Age?

    I am Navneet Kumar from India. I am currently study in 10th grade. I dream to become an theoretical physicist one day. I am excited to explore the world of Physics and Mathematics.
  17. K

    What are Kaustov's areas of interest in physics?

    Hello everyone.. Myself Kaustov from NIT Trichy, pursuing BTech. in production technology. Very much interested to be a part of physics forum. I have knowledge on Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology and also Particle physics. Very much interested to be part of all the discussions and to help...
  18. Tom Graysopn

    Why Is an Experienced Electrical Engineer Rediscovering Physics?

    I'm an Electrical Engineer with >38 years of experience in heavy industry, pretty much all over the world. The toys in my sandbox tend to be Big, Noisy and Expensive :) Anyone who has studied engineering in the past knows that Physics is included in the first couple of years and then sidelined...
  19. Peter Alexander

    What are the benefits of joining a scientific forum as a student?

    Hi everyone! I don't really know how to introduce myself, but I guess I should be honest. I'm a student of electrical engineering, physics and mathematics enthusiast (kind of fits the profession, I guess). As an undergraduate, I'm still searching for my true orientation, but I'm almost certain...
  20. D

    How did you become a design engineer before finishing your degree?

    Hello, I recently have been hired on as a design engineer and I haven't finished my mechanical engineering degree yet (still have 1.5 years). I hope I can provide some assistance on this forum while also soaking up some knowledge myself! This has been a great resource thus far. Thanks...
  21. M

    What are the benefits of being a member on Physics Forums?

    Hi, i am a postgraduate students studying computer science and a bits of mathematics and i like helping others. Thank you!
  22. B

    How Can I Improve My Math Skills for Psychology Research & Statistics?

    Hello Forum Fellows, I am currently enrolled in psychology and love it! Except for the math part, I have managed to forget formulas' from long ago. I'm just finishing up my first math class and will be going on to research & statistics next. :)) ... Fibonacci Numbers got me for a minute but I...
  23. Y

    What are Yassir Ghlalou's Interests in Physics and Foreign Languages?

    Hi guys . My name is Yassir Ghlalou from Morocco , I have just joined the forum , I'm an undergraduate physics students , this would be my third year at college , I admire astrophysics and I really want to apply for a master that supports this field of physics . Also I like foreign languages...
  24. E

    Welcome to the PF community: Where should new members introduce themselves?

    Hi, everyone. I'm pursuing a picky question and google led me here. I am an audio/video system designer and installer with a bent toward problem solving and clear expression of ideas, especially when asking technical questions. Maybe that's why my question is picky. Anyway, I think it will be...
  25. Zer0

    What subjects does a new member studying at school hope to learn on PF?

    Hey I'm a school student who studies Mathematics (Both Pure and Applied), Physics, and Chemistry. I'm hoping to learn new things and get help from you guys :) Thanks!
  26. simon willetts

    What are some ways to continue learning about the universe as an adult?

    Hello all. I am a 47 yr old male well out of education now just looking to expand on my general interest in the universe
  27. MetaUniverse

    What sparked Torge's interest in space engineering?

    Hey there! I'm new to this forum, so I guess I'll just quickly introduce myself! My name is Torge, I'm a 14-year-old student in 9th grade of a german Gymnasium and I'm super interested in physics, mainly astrophysics and space engineering, which is the reason for why I'm here! I know, lots of...
  28. Gabriel Ulisses

    Exploring Physics: A Newcomer's Journey

    Excuse i kinda broke the rule of introducing myself before, making questions...sorry I was too excited and didint even read the msg on my inbox, so, hi there My name is Gabriel, but i usually refer to myself as axel on the interweebs, I'm usually driven but my desire to find answers and just...
  29. Zypheros_Knight

    Rebuilding Lost Knowledge: A Journey Through Science

    Greetings everyone, I recently finished my high-school and now I'm in college (I'm the Head of my schools Science Team), the reason I joined these forums was to get back my knowledge which was lost due to a recent traumatic experience. Ever since then I've been trying to learn again the things...
  30. C

    What is the purpose of this forum?

    Hello All
  31. Ricky_15

    Joining Physics Forum: A Student's Quest for Knowledge and Guidance

    About Me : I am a college student ( 10+2) aspiring to get admitted into IITs / IIITs /NITs and other reputed institutions dedicated to Engineering and Technology . I have to go through a couple of Nationwide Tests and get a good rank so that I can secure a seat in my desired branch in one of...
  32. D

    What sparked David's continued interest in quantum mechanics?

    Hello, I am a new member. My name is David. I was a professional, published physicist, though no longer work in the field. However, I am still very interested in quantum mechanics. I look forward to being part of this community!