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Practical Solar, Inc. is an American manufacturer of heliostats used for concentrating solar power, as well as for residential and commercial natural lighting (daylighting) applications. The company, located in Boston, Massachusetts, introduced its heliostat system for sale in February 2009.Practical Solar’s heliostats are small in the spectrum of heliostats commercially available for harnessing solar thermal energy. They each have 8 square feet (0.74 meters) of reflector area. To put this in perspective, the heliostats in a solar power tower project in Seville, Spain each have reflectors nearly 1,300 square feet (120 m2) in size (120 square meters). Practical Solar’s heliostat system is the first computer-controlled heliostat system that can be installed by hand, using only hand tools.Practical Solar’s founder Bruce Rohr suggested in Northeast Sun magazine that small heliostats are “more reliable and more cost-effective per square meter of reflective area” than the larger heliostats typically used in solar power tower projects. Although a larger number of small heliostats would be needed for a solar power tower project, Mr. Rohr suggested that the total installation area would be about the same, and that the installed price per watt delivered would be lower with small heliostats than large heliostats.Practical Solar’s web site states that residential customers also use their heliostats for direct space heating, drying mold, melting ice dams on roofs, and melting snow.According to the detailed agenda for the 5th Annual Conference on Clean Energy in Boston, Practical Solar’s chief operating officer David Howell made a presentation seeking funding for the company at the “Investor Pitch Session” on November 12, 2009.

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  1. KingoftheChaosEmpire

    "Rigid airship" using low density hydrogen (LDH) inflation

    I know now that making a full on vacuum airship is unfeasible for it's compressive properties. So why not just make a rigid airship that is evacuated enough that the hydrogen is no longer significantly dangerous to it's surroundings, using say 25-30% density of neutral hydrogen? What's the...
  2. E

    Create a method to measure a varying voltage from a power line

    I feel like i am spinning my wheels at the start here. so I figured that i would start with some type of wire loop that I could change its diameter. This would allow there to be a change in flux through the loop creating a current through the wire. i could then read the current through the...
  3. amare

    Practical application of engineering mechanics dynamics in civil engineering

    what is the practical application of engineering mechanics dynamics in civil engineering when civil engineers work on static analysis?
  4. F

    MHB Practical Application of Research Paper help

    I am attempting to write a software app based on a research paper: "Predicting Ambulance Demand: a Spatio-Temporal Kernel Approach" by Zhou and Matteson . Here is a link to the paper https://arxiv.org/pdf/1507.00364.pdf . I have questions on how to go about implementing the equations. In...
  5. cluelessGUY

    Electromagnetic Coil 2 SS Rods Converging

    Howdy all, I'm looking at having two (preferably) stainless steel rods inside a plastic tube (for insulation and so they don't touch) with a push spring inside and between the two rods pushing each other away from one another, when not activated inside of an electromagnetic coil. When the coil...
  6. dkotschessaa

    I How do you answer "So what's the practical application....?"

    I suppose you recognize, by title, the situation I am referring to. I don't know if physics people get it as often as math people. The situation of course is that I tell somebody that I am studying math, and if I mention some specifics, like mention Topology or Algebra, (which I have to sort...
  7. spikey1973

    I Pro's and con's of suspended speakers

    Hey guys, i come here to filosophy about the pro's and con's a speakers suspended.. I'm a BsC in photonics from origin but in ative for quite a few years now (different study direction) and most knowledge is degraded.. At his moment I'm building a high end speaker.., the lx mini designed by...
  8. J

    Practical application; wire coil dripping.

    As part of a wire manufacturing process, heavy wire coils are being sprayed with oil to prevent corrosion. Final step is to have these coils dripped to eliminate oil excess. Basic question is; if I where to build a vibration platform/table to do this dripping, what would be a good consideration...
  9. A

    Help understanding torque - practical application

    Dear PF, This is my first post, so please pardon any faux pas. I've had some difficulty wrapping my head around the concept of torque. I have taken multiple classes on dynamics, statics, etc. I understand it theoretically, but not practically. A friend presented me with this problem...
  10. T

    Ideas for practical application of electromagnetic field theory

    Hello, I have to give a presentation on an application of electromagnetic field theory of my choosing, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that might be more interesting than the ones that have been suggested. It's for a 2nd year university level physics (E&M) course, so the...
  11. M

    Practical Application of Capacitors

    I was thinking that a car battery is a 12v source that delivers between 300 and 900 cold cranking camps. That'd put the cranking wattage at between 3600 watts and 10,800, right? Here's a car battery 'helper': http://goo.gl/Roo2l This is hypothetical at this point but what I was wondering...
  12. M

    Was Polynomial Zeros' Practical Application Studied?

    I apologize for the rather vague title. It's space-limited and I'm not sure how to concisely state what I want to know. Basically, I understand that the solutions to quadratic equations (and if I remember correctly cubic equations) often had surveying problems land surveying. However, quartic...
  13. A

    Ideal gas law practical application

    Homework Statement To measure how far below the ocean surface a bird dives to catch a fish, a scientist uses a method originated by Lord Kelvin. He dusts the interiors of plastic tubes with powdered sugar and then seals one end of each tube. He captures the bird at nighttime in its nest and...
  14. P

    Is GPS the only practical application of General Relativity?

    I guess GR is also needed to accurately coordinate space flight, but I highly doubt without GR the space shuttle will have any problem finding its way back home. Gravitational lensing doesn't count as practical application. Maybe a subject with even fewer applications is quantum chromodynamics...
  15. J

    Nano laser is a key component necessary for practical application

    Apparently the nano laser is a key component necessary for practical application of optical computers. "Conventional lasers are limited in how small they can be made because this feedback component for photons, called an optical resonator, must be at least half the size of the wavelength of...
  16. R

    A practical application of quantum mechanics

    Give one practical application of quantum mechanics and write about it in 4 to 5 sentences.
  17. C

    Practical application of partial,simple differential equation

    can anybody tell with equation,the practical applications of partial differential equation and ordinary differential equation. If it is in mechanical engineering statics etc will be helpful
  18. J

    Practical application for germanium sample

    I just did a semiconductors experiment involving the Hall effect and a doped germanium sample. The type of doping was determined from the Hall voltage using the sign of the recorded voltage and the sign of the bias current applied across the sample. Now, my question is what could be a...
  19. C

    Artificial Intelligence: Practical application

    What exactly is artificial intelligence, what are some of its practical applications, and have we created it yet? Please no arguments that humans are not intelligent! If it comes to that then this thread is useless.