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Practical application; wire coil dripping.

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    As part of a wire manufacturing process, heavy wire coils are being sprayed with oil to prevent corrosion. Final step is to have these coils dripped to eliminate oil excess.
    Basic question is; if I where to build a vibration platform/table to do this dripping, what would be a good consideration for acceleration and amplitude parameters?
    If the acceleration were less than the total weight (wire coil + vibration platform), that is < 1g, would that be enough for oil to drip? What would be the recommended "g" percentage?
    As for the amplitude, I guess small amplitude will be better suited for oil dripping.
    I'm still wondering if acceleration > 1g would do any better.
    Thanks a lot,
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    Or - put the coils inside a conducting tube (no touching!) and put a high voltage potential on the coil. The drops will be attracted to the tube.
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    You can't compare acceleration and weight, it's apples and oranges.
    The acceleration required will likely be a function of surface tension and lube viscosity...
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    Thanks Svein and B.Joule. This is an industrial standard application; a vibration table. Just wondering which percent of acceleration for the vibration table, will help drip the oil faster.
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