What is Purdue: Definition and 20 Discussions

Purdue University is a public land-grant research university in West Lafayette, Indiana, and the flagship campus of the Purdue University system. The university was founded in 1869 after Lafayette businessman John Purdue donated land and money to establish a college of science, technology, and agriculture in his name. The first classes were held on September 16, 1874, with six instructors and 39 students.The main campus in West Lafayette offers more than 200 majors for undergraduates, over 69 masters and doctoral programs, and professional degrees in pharmacy and veterinary medicine. In addition, Purdue has 18 intercollegiate sports teams and more than 900 student organizations. Purdue is the founding member of the Big Ten Conference and enrolls the second largest student body of any university in Indiana, as well as the fourth largest foreign student population of any university in the United States.Purdue University is a member of the Association of American Universities and is classified among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity". Purdue faculty, students, alumni and other affiliates have reached many notable and influential positions in business, media, politics, and science. Purdue has been affiliated with 13 Nobel laureates, 1 Turing Award laureate, 2 World Food Prize laureates, 2 Pulitzer Prize winners, 23 Olympic medalists, 3 National Medal of Technology and Innovation recipients, 2 National Medal of Science recipients, 3 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients, 7 members of Congress, 3 U.S. governors, and 2 heads of state. Purdue has over 400,000 living alumni. Its alumni have included 25 astronauts, 6 current Fortune 500 CEOs, 2 Rhodes Scholars, 4 Truman Scholars and 3 Gates Scholars.

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  1. cellist542

    Schools College Decision Debate -- Purdue, Penn State or Illinois for Engineering?

    I am currently a high school senior and intend to study engineering in college next year. I am currently considering 3 schools: Purdue, Penn State, and Illinois. All three are excellent schools with solid engineering programs, and all have different benefits and drawbacks. I was admitted to the...
  2. cellist542

    Admissions Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Purdue, Stanford Admissions - How to stand out?

    I am currently a sophomore in high school and will have taken 7 science and 7 math courses (including AP Physics, AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Programming in Java, AP Statistics) by the time I graduate. I am on the cross country team, indoor and outdoor track teams, orchestra...
  3. D

    Programs Is interdisciplinary engineering worth the money?

    I am considering a masters in interdisciplinary engineering from Purdue with a concentration in either systems engineering or computational engineering. Is this a waste of my time and money compared to just getting an aerospace masters and taking courses in systems engineering or computational...
  4. I

    Aerospace undergrad @Purdue -- How do I get a job in Canada?

    HI, I am in my third year at Purdue University. Born Canadian but raised in the US. I wanted to get a job in Canada but don't know where to start...anyone have any suggestions? Do I just start sending a mass email to all companies and hope it ends up in front of the right person?
  5. M

    Programs Starting a Nuclear Program, trying to get the news out.

    I'm a student at Purdue University Northwest and we recently started a Nuclear Physics program and I want to help get the news out but I don't know how. Currently I am the only student in the program, but we are trying to grow it. My professor for all things Nuclear is talking to the ANS...
  6. A

    Purdue Physics or UIUC Biophysics Specialization

    I have PhD admits from Purdue and UIUC for their programs in Physics and Biophysics respectively. I am having a tough time making a decision and with the 15th of April approaching I am having a tough time making a decision. I have a background in Physics and one year of research experience in...
  7. A

    Programs Purdue v/s UIUC Biophysics (PhD)

    I have a Master's degree in Physics and currently have PhD offers from the Purdue University (Department of Physics and Astronomy) and UIUC (Biophysics and Quantitative Biology Program). I am mainly interested in Computational Biophysics and Image Processing. How do the two programs compare in...
  8. A

    Purdue Physics department reputation

    What is the general reputation of Purdue University's Physics department (for PhD students) compared to other good schools in the US?
  9. M

    Purdue vs UVa vs IU: Best School for Physics Grad Degree?

    I need some insight! I will be transferring with the goal of an eventual graduate degree in physics. Which of these schools is the best for physics? Uva will provide the best aid for me... Ps it's iu Bloomington.
  10. N

    Schools Should I apply for Purdue University?

    I want to major in electrical engineering at college but should I apply for Purdue University? If I graduate from that college, will I get a job without difficulty? I don't care about the prestige in college. I just want to receive a good education in electrical engineering and get a job after I...
  11. K

    From Purdue undergrad to Caltech grad

    Hello. I am a Junior in high school. I have a 4.0 GPA, got an 1820 on the SAT, and a 31 on the ACT. I have participated in the honors all-state band, and been in many extra-curriculur activities throughout high school. I am, however, upset with myself. My first two years of high school...
  12. T

    What are my chances of getting into UIUC or Purdue

    I'm a junior in high school and looking at applying to Purdue and UIUC. I was curious to see what my chances were of getting into either of these schools. I like physics and computer science, but am not sure if i want to major in them. GPA - 3.2 ACT - 30 Extracurriculars - I am a member...
  13. Z

    Master in Statistics Purdue or job?

    IS graduate school really worth it in this economy or is the safe way out?
  14. M

    Applied Physics at Purdue a good idea?

    I've been look at some stuff about applied physics recently to see if I would be interested in doing that, but it seems like mostly everywhere else it is different than it is here at Purdue. Applied Physics here at Purdue takes all of the core classes of the Physics degree (physics and college...
  15. Mk

    Purdue University declares physicist guilty of scientific misconduct

    http://chronicle.com/news/index.php?id=4849&utm_source=pm&utm_medium=en Wikipedia says about this:
  16. L

    UIUC or Purdue: Which is the Better Choice for Electrical/Computer Engineering?

    Assuming cost and location don't matter, does UIUC/Purdue have a distinct advantage over the other for electrical/computer engineering? Specifically I want to do something with integrated circuit design, mainly microarchitecture/VLSI design. Now I'm pretty sure that they're both ranked fairly...
  17. I

    Purdue vs Urbana Champaign? : Undergrduate Computer Engineering

    Hi, I`m from India having not much knowledge of the American Universities. I have recvd admit confirmations from both Purdue & Univ of Illinois at Urbana Champaign for their 4 year undergraduate programme in Computer Engineering and am in the usual dilemma... which to confirm? Rankings ...
  18. ZapperZ

    Purdue students sniff manure for science

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080102/ap_on_sc/sniffing_stenches" ? I only have one thing to say about this: "EEEEWWWWWWW!" Er... such as what exactly, Luca? ZZ.
  19. M

    Purdue vs. Illinois-Urbana Champaign

    Hi. I am very interested in pursueing a career in Engineering. I have applied to Illinois and Purdue and gotten into each. As of Recently, my father has been very pro-purdue, which isn't a bad thing, just strange considering the fact that he has generally been most endeared to tangible items...
  20. L

    Purdue vs. Illinois: Deciding on Electrical Engineering Major

    Hi, I got accepted to Purdue and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, both in Electrical Engineering. Now it it would be time to decide which one to pick, and I have some trouble doing that. I mean I'm mostly interested in studying Power Engineering and maybe minor in physics. So I would...