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Purdue Physics or UIUC Biophysics Specialization

  1. Apr 10, 2016 #1
    I have PhD admits from Purdue and UIUC for their programs in Physics and Biophysics respectively. I am having a tough time making a decision and with the 15th of April approaching I am having a tough time making a decision. I have a background in Physics and one year of research experience in Biophysics. Here are a few points:

    1. The program at UIUC (Biophysics and Quantitative Biology) is ranked one of the best in the world with really well recognised faculties. Purdue's Physics department is not so highly ranked.

    2. I have a feeling that UIUC's program strongly focuses on Molecular Biophysics about which I haven't had a lot of exposure. They have an excellent course structure that places all students on equal footing irrespective of their backgrounds but I'm a little nervous about it because of my lack of familiarity with it so far.

    3. Although I like Biophysics, I also want to study Physics since I feel that I'm weak in a few topics from my undergraduate course and lack confidence in the subject (Not all of the courses are relevant to Biophysics but I still want to understand those courses well for my sake). Purdue's program (offered by the Physics department) provides that opportunity whereas the course structure at UIUC is highly oriented towards Molecular Biophysics and doesn't look like the regular course structure.

    4. I'm not even sure if I am ready to specialise in Biophysics or give myself a chance to explore for a year (which is possible at Purdue). This may be because I'm nervous about stepping into UIUC's program for reasons mentioned above.

    5. I've spoken to professors that I would like to work with at both places and I've had positive responses from either side. Both schools are located at similar kinds of places. So even that's out of question.

    I know the program at UIUC is a really good one. But I'm very confused. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Apr 11, 2016 #2
    You've been asking a lot of questions about this, and trying to think through your options. At this point, my advice is: relax.

    You have been accepted into two very good programs. Either one will probably provide you with a good experience, and solid options for whatever you want to do later. Neither choice is going to make the world end. In fact, both seem pretty good. You have completed the hard work of getting good options on the table, so now you can think about what will make your life easier/more pleasant.
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