What is Research advice: Definition and 20 Discussions

EKOS Research Associates Inc. is a Canadian social and economic research company founded by Carleton University graduate Frank Graves. They specialize in market research, public opinion research, strategic communications advice, program evaluation and performance measurement, and human resources and organizational research. Their main headquarters is in Ottawa, Ontario, and they have another centre in Toronto, Ontario.
EKOS is a member of MRIA, the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, and was a longstanding member of MRIA's predecessor, The Canadian Association of Marketing Research Organizations.
The president of EKOS is Frank Graves.EKOS uses interactive voice response (IVR) for its political polls and to recruit for its research panel, known as Probit.

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  1. Alchem

    Physics Move from technician to scientist

    Hello I have a PhD and I did a post doc. I took a job a scientific associate in a laboratory where we offer advanced analysis services (Synchrotron) to visiting scientists. The experimental end station has staff scientists who operate the equipment and administrate the coordination of time used...
  2. math-physicist

    Possible research directions for a beginner in TQFT

    I am highly interested in Topological Quantum Field Theory (TQFT) and am currently planning on doing a project on this topic this year. Some of my relevant background: Algebra (Groups, Rings, Fields, basics of Categories and Modules), Topology (Munkres), Smooth Manifolds (John Lee's book, first...
  3. vaibhavvenkat

    I Highschooler looking for math research/projects

    Hi, I am in Highschool and I am interested in pursuing mathematics as a career. I am particularly interested in doing some math research/projects (even if simple) to boost my maturity of the subject. How would I go about doing research/projects? Are there any good ideas? Math background: -...
  4. mathhabibi

    I Requesting constructive criticism for my paper

    Hello PF! This is my very first post here. Just yesterday my paper was accepted by ArXiV, called "A Simple Continuation for Partial Sums". If you have time (it's 14 pages) you can take a look at it here. I was just interested in ways I could improve my paper or if it was completely useless in...
  5. vassalloef

    Physics How do you keep track of scientific literature in your field?

    Hello everyone, I am an undergraduate student doing research in theoretical physics. Next fall will be my senior year, so, in anticipation of going to grad school, I am trying to take advantage of the opportunity I have to do research this summer to form some of the habits that make a good...
  6. Ahmed1029

    When can I read and understand research papers?

    I'm wondering how much I'm supposed to know in order to start reading theoretical physics research papers. Any advice?
  7. Ahmed1029

    Should I submit an outlandish physics idea that feels right?

    I'm curious to get people's opinions about whether this is interesting enough to write up for submission. I arrived at a set of coordinate transformations that are different from the Lorentz transformations, but which produce a coherent mechanical framework. It gives a very beautiful physical...
  8. J

    Looking for physics internships requiring one letter of recommendation

    I'm currently a college freshman studying physics. The only previous research experience I had was a virtual one with the EPA on things not really related to physics (it was about 3D printer emissions). I'm trying to look for something for the summer and I've already applied for a bunch...
  9. C

    Is Spending an Extra Semester in Undergraduate Research Worth It?

    I am at a bit of a fork in the road. I know after I am done with my undergraduate degree, at least at some point, I would like to either go to graduate school or be an independent researcher -- either way, I really want to do research. The way I see it, conducting research could help me on...
  10. Mr.Husky

    Other Looking for advice about my career....

    Hi everyone, I am now a junior high school student who is going to start his senior after a month. I was selected to a tier 1 University in my country. I checked all professors and postdocs websites and I can say that they are mostly doing research on condensed matter physics. Should I learn...
  11. S

    Other How to become an amateur physicist

    Hi, I'm a recently graduated software engineer. During my time at university I had initially planned to double major in both physics and computer science but eventually dropped physics since I didn't expect that I would pursue a PhD for monetary reasons. I really enjoyed physics during my time...
  12. quixote

    Other What to do as a research intern?

    Electrical undergrad here, done with my second year and due to multiple factors(mostly covid), I'm home for the summer of '21. By this time next year, I hope to get an internship(research) in a university that is for the summer of '22. I'm not very sure on what to do this summer other than...
  13. bagasme

    Other Corporate Blogs: Bad Source for Research Project?

    Hello, I was wondering whether blogs (especially corporate blogs) are good source for research. In some cases, such websites give me facts that hardly found elsewhere. However, when used as research source, corporate blogs can present problems: there is no way to know the credibility and...
  14. Wrichik Basu

    Studying How to prepare for a life in research?

    I am student who wants to do research in physics, and aims for a life in research. Being in the final year of high school, I do not get a lot of time to devote to my passion - physics and related experiments. About 30mins in a day can be spared for extra studies, and I utilise this time fully...
  15. B

    Undergraduate math research advice

    I will be graduating in one year with a B.A in math. I do plan to transfer to graduate school in area of statistics. The problem is I have no analysis or abstract algebra background since I will be taking those this next semester and I would like to do a "research project (I am interested in...
  16. K

    Is Multiple Research Experience Necessary for Graduate School Applications?

    Hi all. I recently finished my sophomore year as a physics and math major. I'm doing well in my classes with all A's in every science and math course I have taken, except a B+ in Physics1 in my first semester of college. I have been working with a high energy physics group since the summer after...
  17. A

    Research Advice for a Chemical Engineer

    Is there anyway I can satisfy my thirst for discovering something about nature (anything as long as it raw origins from nature, a fluid counts; regardless of its real-world applications) by researching or pursuing a phd in ChemE for instance integrating it with its 'physics-based' roots. It...
  18. F

    How to Choose the Right Research Project as an Undergraduate?

    Hi all, I was just hoping to gather some advice for a research project. I am currently a junior, and I have asked to do some research with one of my professors for next year. The problem is that he does research in several fields, and I don't really have preference to any of them yet. I...
  19. D

    Research advice for undergraduate senior

    Hi, I'm currently a senior and about two years ago did an independent research study with a professor. I asked if I could pursue further research with him as a senior and possibly have it culminate in a thesis. He said, "of course if the student shows dedication, etc etc." I spoke...
  20. X

    How Should an Undergrad Approach Their First Chemistry Research Project?

    I'm going to be a second year student majoring in chemistry this fall and a professor wants me to work on a research project (or with a group) either with him or with another professor. I performed well in his class (in the top 2-3 students of several hundred). I'm really excited about getting...