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Research advice for undergraduate senior

  1. Sep 29, 2008 #1

    I'm currently a senior and about two years ago did an independent research study with a professor. I asked if I could pursue further research with him as a senior and possibly have it culminate in a thesis. He said, "of course if the student shows dedication, etc etc." I spoke with him near the end of my junior year and got started familiarizing myself with a bunch of computer programs...matlab etc. The last I spoke with him, he asked me to read an article and replicate what they did as well as learn another modeling program on my own. I took the whole summer off from working on the research projects since I was taking an intensive course load and working, but now would like to resume the research project since I've a bit more time.

    My question is, did I screw up by not letting him know that I would take the summer off to do summer school? Are my chances ruined? I feel like if I work hard on this and show progress within the next week or two he would be willing to resume an independent research project with me regardless of my absence in the summer. But to be honest, I'm not really sure. Any suggestions? Or advice?

    Thanks so much. Take care.
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    The professor is the only person who can really answer this question.

    Most professors understand that undergraduate students often need to take the summer off. I would suggest you contact him, explain your circumstances and tell him that you're still interested in working on the project. Likely, the worst case scenario would be that he's found someone else to work with.
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