What is Runtime: Definition and 27 Discussions

In computer programming, a runtime system, also called runtime environment, primarily implements portions of an execution model. This is not to be confused with the runtime lifecycle phase of a program, during which the runtime system is in operation. When treating the runtime system as distinct from the runtime environment (RTE), the first may be defined as a specific part of the application software (IDE) used for programming, a piece of software that provides the programmer a more convenient environment for running programs during their production (testing and similar) while the second (RTE) would be the very instance of an execution model being applied to the developed program which is itself then run in the aforementioned runtime system.
Most programming languages have some form of runtime system that provides an environment in which programs run. This environment may address a number of issues including the management of application memory, how the program accesses variables, mechanisms for passing parameters between procedures, interfacing with the operating system, and otherwise. The compiler makes assumptions depending on the specific runtime system to generate correct code. Typically the runtime system will have some responsibility for setting up and managing the stack and heap, and may include features such as garbage collection, threads or other dynamic features built into the language.

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  1. U

    Fortran Fixing Fortran Runtime Error for Beginner

    Hi, I am a beginner of Fortran. Recently I try to use a fortran code for my simulation. But it always shows me the following error when execute the program: At line 18 of the file sous.f (unit =11, file = 'fluid'), fortran runtime error, End of file, Error termination. Backtrace: could not print...
  2. K

    Fortran Runtime error while reading file in fortran90

    I'm new to fortran coding and trying to read a file called "data.dat" with data like a triangular matrix 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 using the code PROGRAM matrix IMPLICIT NONE REAL, DIMENSION(5,5) :: a INTEGER :: row,col,max_rows,max_cols max_rows=5...
  3. L

    Fortran Modifying a library not to stop at runtime errors

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to solve a BVP that seems to be very sensitive, for which I have to provide a starting guess and hope the program can fix it to find a solution. The program has been tested many times and it is very solid, the only problem should be that I can't find the right guess...
  4. S

    Runtime of the line where a recursive call happens = ?

    Homework Statement What is the runtime complexity for the following (pseudo-code) algorithm?: Algorithm MyAlgorithm(A, n) Input: Array of integer containing n elements Output: Possibly modified Array A done ← true j ← 0 while j ≤ n - 2 do if A[j] >...
  5. M

    Java Help-Improving runtime complexity of the method

    Hello everyone, Looking for a more efficient solution to method 'what', in terms of run-time complexity and space. The method finds the largest cell sequence that the organs sum is divided by 3.(Correct me if I'm wrong) As it seems runtime complexity here is O(n ^ 3). I came to solution of O(n ^...
  6. Artahir

    How to calculate Battery run-time?

    I can't get my head around question about energy consumption, energy supply and run-time. I think I forgot (Im sure I forgot) something in my equation. I am trying to find a way to calculate for how long could UPS supply my PC I don't know why I can't find Amp-hours of UPC on it but let's assume...
  7. ChrisVer

    How to know the runtime of triggers

    I am not if this belongs here or anywhere else, but ok... Suppose we create an algorithm that does some online job during the data-acquisition of the run of a detector... How can we know whether our algorithm is slow for our needs? For example ATLAS has some trigger levels and the Level 2 +...
  8. H

    Fortran Solving Fortran Runtime Error 112 - Mach Number Calculation

    Hi, I try to write program to calculating mach number, with using bisection method. When I run program, fortran write to me an error in line 40. Can you help? I tried to calculating function by using wolfram sucesfully but I need to run it on fortran, An equation is 1.7795 - (0.334898 (1 + 0.2...
  9. S

    Fortran Fortran (90) runtime error: End of file

    I am using fortran 90 to find the prime numbers (1-100). When I print to the console, everything works. If I try to write to an text file (.out). This is from my command line: Sues-MacBook-Air:FORTRAN sueparks$ gfortran PRIME.f90 Sues-MacBook-Air:FORTRAN sueparks$ ./MY_PRIME.out PROGRAM PRIME...
  10. F

    Fortran Fortran runtime error: Sequential READ or WRITE not allowed

    Dear Forum users, I am running a program called NMTO package for constructing Wannier functions for a material. It uses a code plotnmto.f90 to calculate wannier isosurfaces within the mesh defined by me. I compiled the code in gfortran. After defining the mesh when I ran the program for...
  11. Matterwave

    Fortran Why am I getting a Fortran runtime error when trying to print more values?

    Hi guys, I've been tinkering with this code for a while now, as you probably have seen from my other threads. Right now I am working on changing the code around so that it actually writes out the correct output instead of the old output. I am getting this runtime error: At line 2057 of file...
  12. matineesuxxx

    Runtime of Seemingly Unpredictable Division Algorithm

    Last week on my computer science assignment I had to write a division algorithm using only addition and subtraction to tackle a problem. My first attempt was the simple and naive repeated subtraction, although I quickly discovered it was not nearly efficient enough for how I needed to use it, So...
  13. M

    Fortran Fortran runtime error: End of file

    Dear all, I want to read file "d1.dat": 1.025000+7 5.794453+0 1.050000+7 5.770080+0 1.075000+7 5.750135+0 1.100000+7 5.734860+0 1.125000+7 5.724448+0 1.150000+7 5.719060+0 1.175000+7 5.718829+0 1.200000+7 5.723865+0 1.219440+7 5.730802+0 1.225000+7 5.732945+0 1.250000+7 5.743325+0...
  14. K

    Fortran FORTRAN Problem Runtime Error: End of File

    FORTRAN Problem! "Runtime Error: End of File" Hey everyone, back again with another Fortran question. I am getting the runtime error in Fortran "End of Line". I have tried to simply understand what this means, but I am not getting much help from Google. I have pasted my code below, and...
  15. N

    Fortran Integrating User-Defined Functions in Fortran 95: Troubleshooting Runtime Errors

    Hi! I'm trying to write a function that will integrate a user given function. I am having trouble with reading the function. Here is a section of my code: function f(x) implicit none real :: x,f,p print *,'Type a probability density function' read *, p !It doesn't like line 34... f = p...
  16. Saxby

    Fortran Fortran90 problem, runtime error

    Hello, I've been playing around with some code (as shown below) and for some reason everytime i run this code I am told: At line 11 of file tester.f90 Fortran runtime error: End of file I'm not really sure what's causing it, is it the position of my Open file? Any help would be much...
  17. C

    Kill-A-Watt meter alters runtime on UPS?

    I’m hoping someone can help me. I have several UPSs. Among them is a cheap Newpoint UPS. It’s something like 275W/550VA. I think the battery is dead or near-dead, was recently experimenting with it to confirm, and found some very interesting behavior. I have a 120V lamp with a LED bulb in...
  18. M

    Solving MIPS Runtime Error: Address Out of Range 0x00000000

    Hi there, Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I seem to get a runtime error that says: address out of range 0x00000000. I think that it's probably in the first three lines of my code, but any idea as to what else it may be? Thanks so much! .data save: .word 1,2,4 size...
  19. T

    How to lookup symbols at runtime?

    Is there a library with which I can lookup the value of a given symbol in Linux? Also, I've read that C++ name manglingboth unstandardized and difficult. Are there libraries for GCC or Clang? I want use these to build a GUI that uses HTML to design the interface and symbol lookup to allow...
  20. F

    MHB O(nlogn): Exploring the Runtime of Merge Sort

    For megre sort alogirthm the runtime is T(n)=nb+cnlog(n). It's not quite clear to me why this is O(nlogn) is it because b and c are constants?
  21. S

    Fortran Solving a Runtime Error: Investigating Beta(i,j)

    I'm n facing a runtime error and do not know the reason.Also, I found where is the run time error in the code below but am at no clues, why it is occurring. Actually when j=2 and i=1, the beta(i,j) is not getting calculated- that is, the print statement for beta(i,j) is not executed when j=2...
  22. A

    Explaining Runtime of Shamos Algorithm

    Can someone please explain to me why the recursive part of this algorithm has the runtime T(n) = {O(1), if n ≤ 3; {Tf(n/2) + Tc(n/2) + O(n), if n > 3. ->where Tf(n/2) represents the floor function of T(n/2) and Tc(n/2) represents the the ceilling function It is called Shamos...
  23. T

    Worst runtime of an algorithm

    Hello guys,I decided to try and do a problem about analyzing the worst possible runtime of an algorithm.Since I'm a beginner and I want to do an understand this right I require some help. I came accros this problem in a book that uses the following algoritthm Input: A set of n points (x1, y1), ...
  24. C

    How to Fix Runtime File Reading Error in Fortran Code?

    I frequently get the same runtime error when using g77. Here is the error message: fmt: end of file apparent state: unit 16 named vi1.src last format: (F10.6) lately reading sequential formatted external IO abnormal program termination I have added to my code the REWIND statement...
  25. D

    Fix VBA Runtime 1004 Error in Excel Program

    This is my first attempt at writing a VBA program. I am just trying to square items in excel in column 'A' and output the answer to column 'B'. Option Explicit Sub timestimes() Dim n As Integer Dim i As Integer Dim z As Integer n = Range("A").Count For i = 1 To n z =...
  26. R

    C Language: Runtime Library Standards & Operating Systems

    Is it true that the the makers of the programming language C get to specify standards for runtime libraries, and operating manufacturers must implement those standards in the runtime libraries they provide for C? Or do the operating system manufacturers tell the makers of C "here are my system...
  27. enigma

    C++ Runtime Error Fix: Help Find What I've Done Wrong

    Maybe someone can help find what I've done wrong. I'm using Windows XP, 2.3GHz, 80GB, 256MB, Student Version of MS Visual C++ .NET, 2003 version I've opened a file up for input, which works fine, but as soon as I try to pull information from the file, it gives exception errors in memory...