Fortran90 problem, runtime error

  1. Hello, i've been playing around with some code (as shown below) and for some reason everytime i run this code I am told:

    At line 11 of file tester.f90
    Fortran runtime error: End of file

    I'm not really sure whats causing it, is it the position of my Open file?
    Any help would be much aprrieiated :)

    PROGRAM tester

    !Turn off implicit typing

    INTEGER :: a, b


    WRITE(10,*) 'Please give value for a'
    READ(10,*) a

    IF (a < 0) THEN
    WRITE(10,*) 'Wrong number'
    END IF

    WRITE(10,*) 'Please give value for b'
    READ(10,*) b

    IF (b > 0) THEN
    WRITE(10,*) 'Wrong number'
    END IF

    WRITE(10,*) a * b


    END PROGRAM tester
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    Are you sure the file exists?

    You are writing to the file and reading from it simultaneously. This can cause problems if not done carefully.

    When opening the file, FORM ='FORMATTED' should probably be used.
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