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    Material Thickness and Bolt Shear Strength

    I am wondering why the material thickness is not factored into calculating bolt shear strength in a joint. I know that it is used when calculating the strength of the material itself and its susceptibility to deformation and tear out but why not the bolt? When you cut a piece of cheese you use...
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    Bolt shear calculations

    hello. I have a ejection mold (steel) which has a bridge like mount which locates the handling eye bolts outward around hydraulic cylinders. I need to make sure the bolts in the bridge will not shear due to the sideways load when the mold is lifted or flipped 90degrees. Here is the known...
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    Tensile Lap-Shear Testing

    Hi, I am new to the tensile testing and still learning and would really appreciate the answer to a problem that I have been having. I performed a lap-shear test on two foils of copper bonded in single lap joint. The copper broke before the bond does giving me a force of say 500N. I want to...