What is Shear strength: Definition and 12 Discussions

In engineering, shear strength is the strength of a material or component against the type of yield or structural failure when the material or component fails in shear. A shear load is a force that tends to produce a sliding failure on a material along a plane that is parallel to the direction of the force. When a paper is cut with scissors, the paper fails in shear.
In structural and mechanical engineering, the shear strength of a component is important for designing the dimensions and materials to be used for the manufacture or construction of the component (e.g. beams, plates, or bolts). In a reinforced concrete beam, the main purpose of reinforcing bar (rebar) stirrups is to increase the shear strength.

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    Shear strength of a cut I-beam

    Hello, I'm in the process of building a 2 story townhome project and had a question on a beam. The structural engineer is calling for a cut I-beam on top foundation which spans over the garage (10') and the load will be placed on just the top flange (see attached). The structure will cantilever...
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    Material Thickness and Bolt Shear Strength

    I am wondering why the material thickness is not factored into calculating bolt shear strength in a joint. I know that it is used when calculating the strength of the material itself and its susceptibility to deformation and tear out but why not the bolt? When you cut a piece of cheese you use...
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    2-Dimension structure with highest shear strength

    I am looking for any references about 2-dimensional lattice structures (ie hexagonal like graphine) that have the highest shear strength (or just resistance to distortion in the 2D plane). Does anybody have any good references for this?
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    Calculate shear strength A36 plate

    I'm trying to build a tank to hold diesel fuel, it will be on skids to lift with a fork lift but I also want to extend the the sides to provide a way to raise the tank from two attachment points on each side. The sides will be 1/4 A36 steel plate and the rest of the tank will be 10 gauge...
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    Will my steel ejection mold bolts shear under sideways load?

    hello. I have a ejection mold (steel) which has a bridge like mount which locates the handling eye bolts outward around hydraulic cylinders. I need to make sure the bolts in the bridge will not shear due to the sideways load when the mold is lifted or flipped 90degrees. Here is the known...
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    Calculating Tensile Lap Shear Strength: How Can I Determine the Shear Area?

    Hi, I am new to the tensile testing and still learning and would really appreciate the answer to a problem that I have been having. I performed a lap-shear test on two foils of copper bonded in single lap joint. The copper broke before the bond does giving me a force of say 500N. I want to...
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    Bolt screw shear strength calculations

    Hi guys, I have an electric motor that comes with a flange to be bolted on a plate horizontally so that the 4 screws carry the weight of the motor and the momentum it creates on them. Could you direct me to how to calculate if the given screws and nuts stand up to the load? Perhaps an example...
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    Glass-silicone-glass bonding (tension vs shear strength?)

    I'm attempting to repair a glass aquarium. Here is a drawing I made when I ordered it originally, the top brace has developed 2 small cracks. So I'd like to empty the tank, then remove the old brace, and replace it. But I'm trying to figure out what dimensions I need the new piece to be...
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    Spacetime Fabric Shear Strength

    Inside a black hole singularily, the center is pulling spacetime to it, but because the spacetime fabric inside and outside the event horizon are connected... it doesn't shear or break. But during a Big Crunch, the entire spacetime of the universe would be sucked back into the singularity and...
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    Torsional Shear Strength of steel tubes

    Does anyone have any empirically based equation for estimating torsional shear strength of a tube made from a given steel. I've seen "estimates" ranging from 57% UTS to 75% UTS, but nothing empirical. I'm open to anything based on UTS, a given offset strength, or JAEL yield. Thanks!
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    Bolt Shear Strength: 1/4 UNF - Understanding the Difference

    I was looking at bolts strengths on this chart (bottom of page) http://www.derose.net/steve/resources/engtables/bolts.html#largebolts and saw that for a 1/4 unf the bolt shear was around 370 but the chart below it listed it at 2700. Why is that?
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    Shear Strength of an Erected Pipe

    Does anyone know how to determine what size/type of pipe/tubing would be necessary to withstand given wind speeds? Specifically, I'm wanting to build a "megatree", an outdoor Christmas tree made simply by stringing lights from the top to the bottom in a conical shape. I'd like a 20' + tree...