What is Sodium bicarbonate: Definition and 13 Discussions

Sodium bicarbonate (IUPAC name: sodium hydrogen carbonate), commonly known as baking soda or bicarbonate of soda, is a chemical compound with the formula NaHCO3. It is a salt composed of a sodium cation (Na+) and a bicarbonate anion (HCO3−). Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystalline, but often appears as a fine powder. It has a slightly salty, alkaline taste resembling that of washing soda (sodium carbonate). The natural mineral form is nahcolite. It is a component of the mineral natron and is found dissolved in many mineral springs.

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  1. R

    Sodium carbonate vs sodium bicarbonate

    Dear all, How to identify sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate? I have these two powders, and did not label. Thanks for your reply. Cheers, Rajini
  2. K

    What is the use of sodium bicarbonate and electrolyzed water?

    I've bought a cleaning agent which advertises that it contains "sodium bicarbonate and electrolyzed water"and is "different" from normal cleaning detergent. In fact, what is the home use of such chemicals??
  3. marcophys

    Can glucose combine with sodium bicarbonate?

    I fell upon an article outlining the general health benefits of a balanced pH, and specific anti cancer benefits. ... both concepts are well supported in published studies. The article then went on to describe a protocol, whereby sodium bicarbonate is dissolved in liquefied honey. The principal...
  4. T

    Does sodium bicarbonate solution release CO2 when heated?

    Homework Statement Solid sodium bicarbonate decompose when it's heated above 50 celsius. However, when it is dissolved in water interactions of components changes. So what happens when sodium hydrogen carbonate solution is heated? Does it release carbon dioxide when temperature is above 50...
  5. A

    Alka seltzer in water question

    Hi everyone. I was testing the pH of water that had alka seltzer placed in it. I used Bromothymol blue indicator to see the pH. The color changed to yellow, which suggests that the water was now acidic. I assume this is because of the CO2 bubbles that form which can acidify the H2O. Am I...
  6. B

    Sodium bicarbonate and Acid Neutralization time

    If let's say a person accidentally has acid spilled in his hands, if he sprays or reaches for baking soda (or sodium bicarbonate) to neutralize the acd, how fast is the reaction? is it enough to avoid any skin damage? Are these part of any First Aid kit? Just curious about this. I read...
  7. B

    Should sodium lipoate react with ascorbic acid?

    Hi, I've bought R-Alpha lipoic acid powder (not sure about its purity). So I mixed 500mg of ALA with 250mg sodium bicarbonate to get sodium lipoate, 30 minutes later (when the reaction is over) I added some 250mg of pure ascorbic acid to the final mixture and some small amount of insoluble...
  8. R

    Sodium Bicarbonate Thermal Decomposition

    I have a question about the thermal decomposition of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). I need to use baking soda for an experiment but will not be using a burner to heat it. We are heating it to about 90-100C and I was wondering if we put vessel the baking soda is in under vacuum -0.5bar or...
  9. M

    Does sodium bicarbonate react with copper hydroxide in water?

    does sodium bicarbonate react with copper hydroxide in water ? what is the equation?
  10. T

    Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid

    Homework Statement What salt is produced from sodium bicarbonate and citric acid? Just to be clear, this isn't actually homework. I would hope no professor would ever be so hard. I'm not even in chemistry. Although I did take it last year in high school. Homework Equations I really...
  11. 1

    Evolution of Carbon dioxide from Sodium bicarbonate and potassium hydroxide?

    Evolution of Carbon dioxide from Sodium bicarbonate and potassium hydroxide??! Hi!:smile: Here’s a question my teacher asked me to solve about evolution of carbon dioxide, We know that carbon dioxide is obtained by the action pf dilute acids on any metallic carbonate or bicarbonate e.g...
  12. M

    Ndicator of excess of sodium bicarbonate (HELP)?

    Homework Statement In a lab, i reacted NaHCO3 with HCl and put it under a steady flame and the reaction boiled. 1. What would indicate an excess of sodium bicarbonate instead of excess acid? is it precipitate? 2. Why was it necessary to add excess acid in the experiment? Is it so the NaHCO3...
  13. X

    Does sodium bicarbonate function as an acid or a base?

    We conducted a lab on Friday and today we have to answer a few post lab questions. I'm stuck on one question and it asks: Does sodium bicarbonate (aka Baking Soda) (NaHCO3) function as an acid or a base? What sort of condition will determine this? I know that sodium bicarbonate will...