Does sodium bicarbonate react with copper hydroxide in water?

  1. does sodium bicarbonate react with copper hydroxide in water ?
    what is the equation?
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  3. Borek

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    Is copper hydroxide soluble?
  4. copper hydroxide is not soluble in water as i know?
  5. Borek

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    So if it is not soluble, how is it going to react?
  6. A possible reaction might be:

    The fact that Cu(OH)2 is insoluble would slow down the reaction. But since CuCO3 is also insoluble, the insolubility of Cu(OH)2 would at least not force the reaction to the left.
  7. Borek

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    Actually if anything I would expect basic carbonate to be produced.

    Sadly, questions is poorly defined. A lot depends on details, concentrations, perhaps even the way samples were prepared.
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