What is Software engineer: Definition and 26 Discussions

A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software.

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  1. Southwesterly

    How Does a Cold Climate Influence a Software Engineer in Aerospace?

    I am a software engineer for an Aerospace Parts Application. I live in a cold climate. I went to 1 of the top 3 Engineering colleges in my country I have a 4WD truck. I have never driven near a black hole.
  2. R

    Job Skills Any advice for a new grad looking to be a Software Engineer?

    Recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science. I have been sending applications daily and got to final rounds with a FAANG company but they went on a hiring freeze. I recently again got a final interview with another FAANG company at the end of the month and have an online assessment with...
  3. V

    Schools Applying for Physics Grad School without Physics Major?

    I've always wanted to be a Physicist and become a researcher. I'm particularly interested in particle physics and quantum computing. I have BS Computer Engineering and MS Computer Science degrees and have been working as a programmer for more than 5 years. How should I go towards a Physics...
  4. S

    Microservices architecture disaster

    Let me describe the problem I see as an engineer when a business wants to create microservices out of its "monolith" (a term used derisively to describe an existing service that works quite well). You have X that you want to divide into A, B, C, or maybe A, B, C, D, E. So you want to create 3...
  5. Dan Alpha

    Software engineer looking to study physics

    I'm a 25 y.o. software engineer working in ML research. I've been fascinated with physics since at least high school. I did not have a good time in university, and I gave up on doing a physics degree and did computer science to finish sooner (I would have dual majored). I am trying to decide if...
  6. K

    Engineering Can I still be a software engineer?

    I'm currently at a junior college and want to major in computer science and want to be a software engineer. The issue is that I got arrested for a misdemeanor a couple of years ago and even though I didn't get prosecuted nor convicted and I got it expunged does it affect my chances of working in...
  7. P

    Engineering Physics dropout software engineer looking for guidance

    TL;DR: I seriously screwed up when I was in my undergrad physics program and ended up essentially dropping out. Several years (and 'careers') later, I ended up becoming a software engineer. I make very good pay, but feel an itch to return to science. I feel an urge to to return to school and...
  8. M

    Schools Curious for your input to accept my graduate school offer

    I'm currently actually a first year masters student in Software Engineering at a small state school in Wisconsin, but my Bachelor's is in Physics w/ a computational emphasis from the same school. For an undergrad, I had a fairly large amount of research experience in nuclear physics (2...
  9. R

    Mechanical Engineer vs. Computer Engineer

    Hello everyone, I am in my first year at University, and I have to choose what discipline to enter. I am passionate about designing, testing, and implementing various ways to solve problems, and I found I can do this in both disciplines just in different ways. From previous job experience, I...
  10. J

    Engineering How can a junior physics major prepare for software jobs

    I’m currently a third year physics major who has realized that grad school probably isn’t the right path, as I’ve become anxious to finish school and start doing something more productive. I want to know what I should be doing now in order to be a good candidate for software engineering jobs...
  11. Nicosia1

    What is the Intersection of Computer Programming and Music in Nicosia?

    I am a computer programmer, mostly in Windows, but a little bit into open source, Linux and Java. I work a lot in javascript and SQL of one kind or another, both of which are utilized somehow via all common platforms. I am also interested in music, physics, and chemistry. I play piano and...
  12. J

    Engineering Software Developer/Engineering Essential Skills

    Hi All, I am currently a Masters Student in a Biomedical Engineering program and have a B.S. in applied physics. In the majority of the research I have and am doing has been computational and I have been taking engineering classes more on the computational side besides the bio based courses I...
  13. M

    Engineering Can an electrical engineer be a software engineer and vice versa?

    Or are differences in how one engineer is trained such that you either become one or the other but not both?
  14. Y

    Path to becoming software engineer?

    I am one semester away from graduating with an operations research major. I only learned programming when I was in university, but grew to love it very much. Since I am currently considering my future, I realized that I am nowhere qualified for a job in the technology sector, so my first job...
  15. C

    Engineering Can a physics major get hired as a software engineer?

    I'm wondering if I'll be able to find a job once I graduate, if my grad school plans don't pan out. I'm graduating with a BA in physics from a University of California, to be able to take computer science classes on the side (enough for a minor). Am I qualified enough to get software engineering...
  16. K

    Engineering Questions about software engineer

    Does higher level mathematics like stochastics, analysis, topology apply to software engineering? Do software engineers even use statistics/probability? Can I be a software engineer with a computer science degree? My friend said to be a software engineer, you need a software engineer degree...
  17. K

    Engineering Technical Questions for an embedded software engineer at qualcomm?

    Hello all. I have a technical interview coming up for a job at qualcomm as an embedded software engineer. Could you PLEASE ask me some questions to help me study? It is an entry level position for a recent grad. Job is posted...
  18. K

    Programs What is the difference between a computer science and software engineer major?

    So my friends try to explain it to me and everytime they do, i come to the conclusion that they're the same. I just don't understand. If somebody studies computer science, what do they learn? If somebody studies software engineer, what do they learn?
  19. J

    Engineering Senior physics major to software engineer?

    Hello everyone! I have recently decided that I want to pursue a career in software engineering, but the problem is that I haven’t taken many courses in it. I’ll briefly describe where I’m at now: I’m a senior physics major, and I had originally planned on doing some sort of medical physics or...
  20. T

    Lens questions from a software engineer

    Hello everyone, I am a software engineer and know very little about lenses but am trying to learn. I am confused about the differences between convex-convex and plano-convex and how to decide how to design an actual plastic lens for a real world application. Here is an example (not real...
  21. B

    Programs I am a Software Engineer planning for a Math PhD

    Hi, I am 30 years of age and am currently working as a Software Engineer at a major software company. I have an MS and BS in Computer Science. From childhood, I have always been attracted to math, especially pure math. I have participated in numerous regional Olympiads and stood in the top-3...
  22. C

    Engineering Software engineer turned physicist

    hey everyone, ok, so right now I just finished my 2nd year of university. I'm studying to be a software engineer at the moment. When I first started my studies, I hated physics because I had a terrible physics teacher in high school. Taking his class led me to believe that I was not...
  23. R

    Engineering Software Engineer Typing: Importance & Benefits

    How important that a software engineer should type his programme without looking @ the keyboard? Im a newbie to programming world and now doing a B.Sc in Computer science and Engineering .And also I am currently self studying for SCJP examination . The only thing i want to know is how...
  24. L

    Engineering How much does a software engineer get annually?

    1) with a bachelor's degree 2) with a master's 3) pHD what factors do they depend on?
  25. E

    Software Engineer or Digital Systems?

    Which has a higher demand in computer engineering today? And why? i am stuck in choosing what it would be... i just can't get what these two mean... so it would be better if u please provide explanation for these two courses? And sorry if this is already been posted before... please give a link
  26. S

    How Can I Transition from Software Engineering to a Physics PhD?

    Help Needed in changing career from being a Software Engineer to Physicist Hi Everybody, I did a bachelors in engineering (Electrical and Electronics) and Masters (Msc) in Physics. Both I did in India in BITS Pilani. After I did my masters in India, I have been in software industry for the...