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Software Developer/Engineering Essential Skills

  1. Jun 14, 2015 #1
    Hi All,

    I am currently a Masters Student in a Biomedical Engineering program and have a B.S. in applied physics. In the majority of the research I have and am doing has been computational and I have been taking engineering classes more on the computational side besides the bio based courses I have to take. During my coursework and research I have gained experience in c,c++, MATLAB and currently learning python and R. I am good at procedural programming but have not done much object oriented or more advanced programming. While ultimately I would like to be a computational engineer in the biotech sector I think I could also enjoy software engineering. So to get to the point, what kinds of skills can I pick up and work on that would make me a good candidate for a software engineering position and also a better programmer. Thanks
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    Start with object-oriented programming. Afterward, data structures and algorithms. Follow that up with computer architecture and network programming. If you find that you're still interested in the more practical side of computer science, learn about operating systems and databases. If you're more interested in the theoretical side, learn discrete math, analysis of algorithms (especially if you want to do well in technical interviews), and the theory of computation. Computer science is a broad field, and there are many other areas to study.
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