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Mechanical Engineer vs. Computer Engineer

  1. Jan 26, 2017 #1
    Hello everyone, I am in my first year at University, and I have to choose what discipline to enter. I am passionate about designing, testing, and implementing various ways to solve problems, and I found I can do this in both disciplines just in different ways. From previous job experience, I enjoy working with my hands and using mathematics, but I am also concerned with finding a job and salary(why I won't choose electrical).
    If anyone could give me any insight into the current and projected job market, starting salaries as well as actual working conditions it would be greatly appreciated.

    So, Mechanical or Computer Engineering? Any and all information would be extremely helpful!

    Thank you so much,
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    there are still a lots of variation inside mechanical engineering and computer science.
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    I would choose mechanical engineering as its more broad. Computer engineering sounds like a half electrical/electronics degree mixed in with computer science, but both are good for jobs I imagine (as all engineering degrees are vocationally/professionally oriented).

    IN all honesty, stick to the traditional engineering disciplines like mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineering and you need not worry. Things with titles like mechatronics, industrial, electronics, computer are more specialised. But both degrees you mentioned are good for job security and innovation
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    Mechanical engineering is a traditional discipline with persistent demand in the job market. Computer engineering is more a flavor of the day field and vulnerable to outsourcing. In all fairness, plenty of good and good paying job opportunities exist in both fields, but, IMO ME offers a broader road and more secure future. Of course, as a retired ME, I feel obligated to warn - past results are no guarantee of future performance.
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    I am Mechanical engineer i studied in India and now working in Fiji Islands as CAD technician so, for me Mechanical engineering was not thay interested but i have lot interest in designing so i choose drawing and designing and i am having my goals... so i wanted to tell you , find your interest where its mech or comp its not matter you like mathematics so both is good but, Mechanical engineering can bring you more money and Usuals do IT field. (NOTE: more girls in computer engineering).
  7. Jan 31, 2017 #6
    first find your passion either to be ME or CE then follow it , you will find money and satisfaction
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