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  1. rodv92

    Decreasing gas breakdown distance in a spark gap with UV

    Hello ! I am currently investigating a technique that would allow several spark gaps to breakdown synchronously in an enclosed but not hermetical cavity, flushed with N2 at 1atm and ~25°C My idea was to use "indirect" photoionization (basically a synthetic fused quartz UV flash discharge inside...
  2. yi ru huang

    Spark gap switch and 2N6798 in PSPICE

    Error is like " no PSPICE template for 2N6798 , spark gap switch how to find the .ilb of spark gap switch and 2N6798? thank for your help.
  3. F

    Calculating Jacob's Ladder?

    Hi there, I would like to ask is it possible to calculate the min. voltage to initiate the spark gap create by the Jacob's Ladder and also the max. distance between two rods to make the spark gap "jump"? Other than that, is it possible to calculate the no. of moles of electrons...