What is Statistics probability: Definition and 22 Discussions

The following is a glossary of terms used in the mathematical sciences statistics and probability.

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  1. TomVassos

    I Calculating Statistical Likelihood Knowing Standard Deviations

    Let’s say that we know, with 95% confidence, that something is likely to occur when the Universe is between 1058 and 10549 years old. What is the statistical likelihood that it has already occurred in the first 13.8 billion years of the Universe’s existence? (1.38 X 1010 years) I know the...
  2. TomVassos

    I Calculating the End of the Universe Using Standard Deviation Statistics

    One possible end to the Universe is called vacuum decay, where a Higgs boson could transition from a false vacuum to a true vacuum state. This would create a vacuum decay bubble (known as bubble nucleation) that would expand at light speed, destroying everything in its path. According to Anders...
  3. tixi

    Labwork Statistics help: Average of averages

    I have done the experiment, and have a lot of data. For each data point (we have five), we did ten repetitions, for which we need to do video analysis. The analysis works frame by frame and gives a velocity between each frame. So, to get the value of one repetition, we already need to calculate...
  4. L

    How to Start a Problem I'm Struggling With

    I really don't know what to do for this problem. I looked at similar threads but couldn't seem to grasp the idea of it. I would like help on how to start.
  5. iVenky

    I What are the statistics of probability of dying today vs age?

    I don't intend to sound macabre, but I was having this thought if I have to quantify the probability of someone dying given his age (in days) how would I go about quantifying that with a minimal accuracy (ok if it's not accurate but I just need some number with days). Has anyone ever worked out...
  6. G

    B Statistics Help : Hypothesis Testing

    Answer : I understnad why x(< or = ) 2 but I do not understand why we use 16 instead of 17 for the second range? When P(X>=16) > 0.005(which is the level of significance). Thank you for all the help given :)
  7. AndreasC

    Confidence intervals for ratios of variances and other confusing stats

    Now I don't really know much about the subject, I'm primarily just peaking into my textbook to see how to solve this or that exercise. I believe I can figure out how to solve the third question. However I couldn't find how to solve the first two. I know how to find a 95% confidence interval for...
  8. Which rating is better, mathematically speaking? | Probabilities of probabilities, part 1

    Which rating is better, mathematically speaking? | Probabilities of probabilities, part 1

    Part 1 of 3 videos on probability by 3blue1brown
  9. AryaKimiaghalam

    Courses Taking statistics courses as a physics major

    Hi, I am currently a second year physics major. I have recently thought about taking statistics/probability courses as electives for the upcoming semester. However, I don't know what types of statistics/probability classes will help me in my physics education. I am not particularly interested in...
  10. F

    A Understanding Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test Results for Random Number Generators

    Hi all, I have some doubts regarding the Kolmogorov test: I made a simple c++ program generating two samples of random numbers following a Landau distribution (I used the "hit and miss" method). I made the Kolmogorov test, in order to check the randomness of the generator, but I'm having some...
  11. P

    How many students total are in this class?

    The book got 28 students, I got up, when I added up 2+3+4 etc. I got a bigger answer explain please, if I did it wrong. Thank - you in advance
  12. koiuuuuuuuuuuu

    Calculating Shoe Size Frequencies: Understanding and Solving for Missing Data

    I 'am stuck at , what fraction of the shoes were size 4 I know the frequency is missing. The frequencies are 8,9,9,3,1. My thinking you how to add the frequencies and put 4 over it. Explain to me if I'm wrong. Thanks in advance
  13. J

    B How to Present Statistical Data

    <Moderator's note: Moved from a homework forum.> Mass (g) +/- 0.01 grams Drop height (centimeters) +/- 3.00 Shell 53.47 45 No crack 56.78 45 Cracked...
  14. stockzahn

    I Mixing of regatta competitors

    Dear all, we are organizing a regatta, there are 12 competing crews and we have six boats. Therefore the regatta is organized in so-called fleets, each consisting of two races at which six crews (using the six available boats) are participating. We assume to be able to race 10 to 15 fleets...
  15. R

    Statistics probability questions

    Homework Statement Each week, Stéphane needs to prepare 4 exercises for the following week's homework assignment. The number of problems he creates in a week follows a Poisson distribution with mean 6.9. a. What is the probability that Stéphane manages to create enough exercises for the...
  16. W

    Statistics Probability Densities

    1. It is known that the probability of being able to log on to a computer from a remote terminal at any given time is .7. Let X denote the number of attempts that must be made to gain access to the computer. a) Find the first four terms of the density table. b) Find a closed form expression...
  17. G

    Expected Value and Standard Deviation of A1 Computer's Rebate

    A1 Computer has 15 tablets stocked, but four of them were actually defectives. A client bought two tablets from A1 Computer. If both of them are good, things are fi ne. If the client gets one defective machine, A1 Computer will replace it and give a $100 rebate to the client. If the clients...
  18. L

    Probability of Peter Winning by 6 games to 3 or 6 games to 4 in a Tennis Match

    Peter and Alex plays tennis. Peter serves through out the first game, Alex serves throughout the second game. When Peter serves, the probability that he wins is 0.8. When Alex serves first the probability that Peter wins is 0.4. A game cannot be drawn. After 6 games Peter and Alex both have won...
  19. J

    Statistics Probability Question

    Homework Statement 1. The manufacturer of a low-calorie dairy drink wishes to compare the taste appeal of a new formula (formula B) with that of the standard formula (formula A). Each of 3 judges is given 3 glasses in random order, two containing formula A and the other containing formula B...
  20. R

    Statistics probability help needed (permutation?)

    Homework Statement An analyst is presented with lists of four stocks and six bonds. He is asked to predict, in order, the two stocks that will yield the highest return over the next year and the two bonds that will have the highest return over the next year. Suppose that these predictions...
  21. P

    Statistics Probability - How do I do this?

    Bonus Question on Extra Credit work... How can I do this, where do I start? I haven't taken stats before so I'm just curious to see if someone could show me how: A study considered risk factors for HIV infections among IV drug users. It found that 40% of users who had less than or...