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  1. J

    I Quantum Tunneling in an STM: ELI5 Requested

    In an STM, you image the surface topography by tunnelling electrons from the metallic tip to the conductive surface, while measuring the current. I have worked with these instruments before and I never understood why does one need a quantum explanation for this. Wouldn't the electron jump to...
  2. Edge5

    A Scanning Tunneling Microscope I-V curve

    I know that scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) I-V curve is exponential for a conducting sample. How would it look like if I had a semiconductor and a non-conductor sample?
  3. Z

    Tip current in STM (fractional error problem)

    Homework Statement Suppose the STM tip current is given by i = aV e^{-A\phi^{1/2}s} a) Derive an expression for the fractional change in tip current as function of fractional change in tip spacing s. b) If \phi = 4V select a reasonable set of V values so that a 1Å increase in s will cause...
  4. Q

    A STM images of graphene, graphite and Silicon carbide

    most STM images of graphite have been acquired using a bias voltage of ? Or in the range ? Same thing for graphene and Silicon carbide
  5. M

    Oscillations around CO atoms seen in STM images

    This effect can be seen in the short film "A Boy and His Atom". I had a couple ideas about what this could be but I am curious if someone knows better.
  6. J

    Interface Dipole and STS comparisons

    Hi again people! So if I have two STS (scanning tunneling spectroscopy) spectra, one taken on a substrate and the other one taken on an adsorbate layer ontop of the substrate. Assuming there is some sort of interfacial dipole that forms between the substrate and the adsorbate layer, can I...
  7. J

    Surface States within band gap STM/STS

    Hi there people! So my question is why you can see localized surface states within the band gap of the material with an STM. How is a tunneling circuit being established?
  8. N

    Understanding STM Microscopes: The Role of Voltage in Physics

    when physicists say that they apply voltage to the tip or the sample, do they mean that the tip or sample become electrically charged?
  9. C

    MATLAB Getting Started with Matlab Image Analysis

    Hello everyone, I just started learning Matlab and I am trying to figure out how to image analyze an STM file. Where do I begin? Thank you, Michelle
  10. R

    Nanoparticle dragged off a layer and tunnelling to a STM tip, equation

    Here we have a STM tip placing a potential V across a monolayer with a single electron on it. | STM (scanning tunneling microscope) Tip | | |...
  11. I

    STM experiment (HOPG) data analysis/image processing

    hi, I've got a really great picture of the carbon atoms in a graphine (HOPG) sample, using STM technique (picture attached). I would like to remove from the picture all the data came from noise etc.. I'm working with MATLAB, and I tried to use fast Fourier transform (fft2), but didn't know how...
  12. S

    Analyzing STM Scans for Tunneling Current Changes

    Homework Statement Suppose that an STM scans a surface at a distance of a=1.000nm. Take the height of the potential barrier to be U°-E=2.00 eV. If the STM tip movies away from the surface by 2.00%, estimate the percentage change in the tunneling current. Homework Equations The...
  13. E

    How Does Adding a Hydrogen Layer Affect Tunneling Coefficients in STM Analysis?

    Homework Statement In my never ending quest to suck and never be able to do Taylor Expansions, I have another one. I hope one day I'll be able to do these. I have an unknown material and a scanning tunnel microscope. A layer of hydrogen atoms of radius R are added to the surface. This of...
  14. T

    Maximum distance of quantum tunneling using an STM

    Hey there, I'm pursuing a degree in Msc. Nanoscale science, and I've been studying about Scanning tunneling microsopes that use Quantum tunneling to study the surface struture of materials. My question is: What is the maximum distance between the surface that's been studied, and the STM tip...
  15. L

    What are the ripples in STM images?

    Do they just add waves into demonstrate the probability wave? They could not be detecting the electron in more than one place. Is it because they make so many measurements to generate the image that the amplitudes you see are a collection of each measurement? A good example is the copper...
  16. Q

    Good software for analyzing STM images?

    I've finished a lab with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy in an upper level physics undergrad course, and now I have about 50 ".ezd" files to analyze. They were produced with the Nanosurf easyScan microscope, which I'm told is quite common in very basic applications. I'm looking for some...
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    Troubleshooting STM (scanning tunneling microscopy)?

    I've recently started trying to use this technique, but I've had some difficulties I can't figure out how to overcome. We make our own probe tips from a very small length of 30 gauge wire, and they seem to be of decent quality. We've tried to image a layer of graphite, a gold surface...
  18. J

    STM Questions: Graphite Surface Reconstruction

    Hi, I'm an undergrad getting my first taste of STM. I'm hoping somebody can give me some insight into the following: I'm wondering why graphite doesn't form a surface reconstructon. I know gold does to minimize tensile strain... I am wondering why this doesn't happen in graphite.
  19. S

    Improve STM Image Quality: Trace Artifacts

    Any suggestions how I can improve the quality of STM (scanning tunneling microscopy) images? And how can I trace artifacts?
  20. P

    Exploring SPM and STM: How to Probe a Sample without Touching

    How on Earth do 'they' get a probe that close to a sample in SPM without it touching (in STM) or at just the right controlled amount?
  21. E

    Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM)

    ''The Scanning Tunnelling Microscope probes the density of states of a material''... What does this actually mean?
  22. T

    Help in understanding Single pole filter in a STM Setup

    Hi, I'm working on a UHV STM. Recently I opened the multigain switch to set higher gains and I also changed the bandwidth. In the manual I read that the bandfilter is a so called 'single pole filter' and has a 6dB/Octave roll off. Can someone help me to understand what a single pole...
  23. T

    Building and Testing a STM Circuit - Issues with Gain

    Hi, I'm building a STM, and this is the circuit I use : http://www.geocities.com/spm_stm/Simple_STM_Rev_C.PDF I'm right now testing the circuit I build. I build a small part (U3A), and then test it, and build another small part (U3B) and test, then connect the two and test it again...
  24. L

    Theory of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)

    Hi, for my integration class I am building a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM). I found some interesting designs and I choose the cheapest one (students are poor) witch uses a unimorph disk. Here is the STM design I plan to build: http://www.geocities.com/spm_stm/". For my class I need to...
  25. L

    Circuit of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)

    Hi, for my integration class I am building a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM). I found some interesting designs and I choose the cheapest one (students are poor) witch uses a unimorph disk. The circuits are not that hard to build but I also need to understand them. I have some knowledge in...
  26. A

    Optimizing STM & AFM: Understanding Environmental Conditions

    What are the environmental conditions necessary for the operation of an STM and an AFM?
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    What is the theory behind Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) technique?

    hi to everyone! who can help me with a almost and understandable complete theory of Scanning tunneling Microscopy technique? with my best wishes O.
  28. M

    Calculating STM Resolution Based on Tip Size

    does anyone have a link or a formula for calculating the resolution of a STM based on the tip size.
  29. F

    Understanding STM: The Role of Tunneling Current in Atom Manipulation

    Hello everyone! I have a little question about STM. Why can we move atoms with STM by increasing the tunneling current?