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STM experiment (HOPG) data analysis/image processing

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    I've got a really great picture of the carbon atoms in a graphine (HOPG) sample, using STM technique (picture attached). I would like to remove from the picture all the data came from noise etc.. I'm working with MATLAB, and I tried to use fast fourier transform (fft2), but didn't know how to move on from there. I've also tried to use the "filter" command, but without any success. Does somebody have any idea? thanks

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    The picture looks pretty good as it is, why not show it without more processing?

    Otherwise, you can try to Fourier transform it. Then select a cut-off and set the Fourier components above that to zero, then back-transform. This will remove high-frequency noise.
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    it really looks good, doesn't it?? I got really excited :)

    do you know how can I do this cut-off in matlab?
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    Setting elements of a matrix to zero? You should be able to do that in Matlab...
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