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In 2016 and 2017, there was a significant debate on how topics related to South Asia were represented in California middle school textbooks—a follow-up to a related set of debates that took place from 2005 to 2009. The California Department of Education runs a public process to update the history and social sciences curriculum frameworks, which help guide the textbooks that publishers develop for us in schools. Starting in 2016, groups submitted textbook revisions dealing with a variety of issues related to histories of South Asia, India, Hinduism, Sikhism, Dalits, Muslims, Ravidassias, the Indus Valley Civilization, and the rights of women, as taught in California 6th and 7th grade history and social science textbooks. The Department of Education made final decisions on the topics in 2017, retaining content on the caste system, and referring to all of historical South Asia as India, among many other decisions.

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  1. anm_ol

    Relativity Looking for physics textbook for Problem solving (Special Theory of Relativity)

    I recently viewed some online free lecture series on Special theory of Relativity. I think I have an understanding of the basics so far, but would like some books for problems on special relativity. (Preferably solutions or at least answer keys included). It would be a great help if they...
  2. K

    Classical Looking for a physics textbook which shows how to develop theory

    I was wondering if there is any such textbook which shows how a real physicist actually goes about developing models and or theories to explain experimental observations. I want to see how it is done in practice. Is there such a book? At a level that an undergraduate can understand. It is great...
  3. W

    Quantum Textbooks or articles as an introduction to superconductors

    Hi, As an Undergraduate student I'm looking for some textbooks and/or articles as an introduction to superconductors. I have a homework to do as final project not exactly in this field but related. and I would like to understand what exactly is a superconductor as well as use those textbooks...
  4. FuzzySphere

    Classical Electrodynamics Recommendations

    I'm currently studying quantum mechanics from MIT opencourseware, just about to finish 8.05, quantum physics 2. I have little knowledge of electrodynamics, but I want to learn enough to be comfortable studying quantum electrodynamics in the future. My math background is pretty strong, so I've...
  5. D

    Solid State Texts on Topological Effects/Phases in Materials

    I am looking to learn about these topological effects or phases in solids. More specifically, I'm trying to find a set of lecture notes or a textbook or some other text that do not shy away from discussing homotopy classes and the application algebraic topology to describe these materials. I...
  6. C

    Prob/Stats Books on Combinatorics, Permutations and Probability

    Hello! I am looking for textbooks to relearn Combinatorics, Permutations Combinations and Probability and also Matrix algebra( decomposition, etc). I had done these many years ago and the course/books provided to me at that time weren't that great. So I want to relearn this with a more...
  7. Mr.Husky

    Classical Confusion between Electrodynamics texts

    Hello everyone, I recently completed kleppner and kolenkow classical mechanics book. Next I am going to learn Electrodynamics. My brother is a EE major and he gave me his copy of "principles of electromagnetics" Matthew Sadiku 4th edition. But a lot of people here recommend Griffiths. So, 1.)...
  8. ujint

    Intro Physics Looking for beginner to advanced physics textbooks

    Hi there, I’m looking for beginner to advanced physics textbook. The books doesn’t have to be by only one author or series of volumes. I’m in year 9 at the moment (australia) and really want to learn further than what the curriculum provides. I’ve got the feynman’s lectures on physics, so any...