What is Web hosting: Definition and 33 Discussions

A web hosting service (often shortened to web host) is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for other servers located in their data center, called colocation, also known as housing in Latin America or France.

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  1. kolleamm

    Most reliable web hosting company for a begineer

    I would like to start learning PHP and more advanced web development concepts, however I would need a website first. I was thinking of using iPage but there are some bad reviews. Can anybody recommend a good cheap web hosting company?
  2. Borek

    Ping results I don't understand

    I have problems with my uplink that I am trying to analyze and understand (in hope my ISP will be able to do something about that - they tested the line and found no problems, sadly, problems are transient and appear in random moments). Simplest thing - ping. bpp.com.pl is a domain I own...
  3. enorbet

    Mechanism for Real "Zombies" in the Animal World

    Greetings I don't know if this is the right place to post this because I'm not certain how it is classified or if it can come under many headings. So please move this if it is better suited elsewhere. I watched a video on pbs.org a few years ago and since I am just now writing here about...
  4. W

    Discover Tab for a Cause: A Charitable Way to Browse the Web!

    Greetings all. Yesterday I was introduced to Tab for a Cause through Nerdfighteria. Tab for a Cause is a browser extension which raises a small amount of money for charity every time you open a new tab. It sets itself as your new tab page and provides widgets and such. Between 1/10th and 1/3rd...
  5. H

    Free Web Hosting - Text & Graphics, Create Pages & Links

    I am looking for a website host that is free will allow me to enter text and graphics allows me to add and name web pages allows me to create links between these pages I of course would abide with all of the rules of the host. Does anyone know of such a thing? All of the free...
  6. S

    Newbie looking for guidance - How start learning electronics?

    Newbie looking for guidance -- How start learning electronics? I know this is going to sound strange... but I am the biggest newbie you guys will ever see :) I don't know the first thing about math, science, physics, etc. Actually going through school I actually got kicked out because I just...
  7. J

    Adding a sentinel page to my website

    I just started learning PHP yesterday and I'm not sure how to do what I'm trying to do. I made, as a test page, this: http://jaminweb.com/sentinel.php using a PHP captcha generator I got from GitHub and modified for my own usage. I'm going to use a slight hack so my index.html reroutes...
  8. N

    Engineering Am I sabotaging my career? (Computer engineering student)

    I am a sophomore student of computer engineering, and since the beginning of the summer I have been working with a small web services provider (web development, hosting, among a few other things, with close ties to my university). They took me on with no experience at all, and have been generous...
  9. J

    How do I set up a math web-site?

    Hi, I'm thinking about creating a website to publish some work I'm doing. I'd primarily post math functions, tables of results, and plots. Could you guys give me some starters on how to go about doing this? I need a web host but not sure which one would allow me to do what I want to...
  10. M

    6 months after dropping out of college - my tips

    It's been six months since I dropped out of college to bootstrap my financial research startup. I had an old thread about this and received a lot of advice against it, then the thread got deleted. Some had come forward to PM me asking how I've been doing since, and I figured it would be useful...
  11. O

    Questions on encoding and combinatorics for an equation generator web app

    (I apologize for the following lack of clarity, I know next to nothing. Links would be cool if the answer would take to long, I simply don't know how to even google these questions ) Question 1, non decimal numbers: I have a set of parameters I'd like to encode. Each parameter is in the form...
  12. C

    Please Revise My Statement of Purpose

    Hello forum, I am posting the rough draft of my Statement of Purpose that I will be submitting to Southern California Universities. I am applying for a Master's in Electrical Engineering. Ideally, I would like feedback from some of you who have already gone through this process and know what...
  13. A

    Medical Thinking that one might be a sociopath

    This is a topic of great personal importance to some but is something of a taboo today. People are afraid to discuss it. There are clinical tests for sociopathy. And there are many different kinds of this disorder. By no means does it mean that someone is violent or poses imminent physical...
  14. J

    Find the Best Web Hosting for 20MB+ File Uploads

    I'm writing 3 very long sets of notes on physics. At the moment I have a free webpage hoster (multimania) but recently it has been playing up and won't upload files (the memory is no where full so it isn't that). There is also that it has always limited the size of individual files that can...
  15. M

    Free HTML Web Hosting: Find A Multipage Host

    hi.. i just taught myself HTML and wanted to show one of my friends. The problem is, the files are on my computer (how do i use FTP?!) and is there anyway i can find a free, multipage web hoster that you can add your own html code?
  16. H

    Design Large Sign for Wind Loads

    Howdy - We're a small nonprofit that hosts a single annual event. For advertising this event we construct a large sign on a hilltop that's visible from the nearby highway. In years past this sign would last a few weeks before it would be destroyed by wind. Obviously our guess on how strong...
  17. O

    Fortran How to run Fortran program on the website? Please help

    I have a simple command-line based Fortran 95 program. I would like my clients to be able to run it straight on the website. So that it can be executed on the server without downloading it. I have found out that most of the hosting packages and web browsers do not allow running .exe files...
  18. C

    How does Google Search Redirect Virus work? And how to get rid of it?

    It is in my desktop now, every time I click a google search result, I got redirected to some unknown websites (the same thing happen with IE, Firefox and Chrome). I use AVG at home, did several whole computer scan, it couldn't find anything wrong. However, if I am connected to the internet...
  19. P

    LaTeX Web-Based LaTeX, Maxima, and R Software

    I am designing web software to interface to \LaTeX, Maxima and R. What I wanted to get feedback about is: 1) Security issues which may arise from calling Maxima and R from the web. The interface is going to be a AJAX GUI and not a raw command-line input form so I will be able to filter...
  20. F

    IP Aliases and WAN: Connecting Your Chat Server

    I'm working on a personal project in python. It's a chat program and its working nicely. The problem is that it only works nicely over a LAN connection. My friend can't connect to my chat server. This server, by the way, is not web-based. It just uses simple sockets and client-server...
  21. rhody

    Twelve years after it was discovered and not addressed, AMAZING

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100508/ap_on_hi_te/us_tec_fragile_internet" By PETER SVENSSON, AP Technology Writer Peter Svensson, Ap Technology Writer – Sat May 8, 10:33 am ET and Like the huge oil spill recently with its terrible consequences, not until someone by accident or...
  22. marcus

    The new Hubble rate estimate of 74 means a new critical density.

    Around 1998 we got the estimate of 71 from Wendy Freedman's Hubble Space Telescope team. That was called the "key project" of the HST program and was one of the main reasons for HST. So much depends on it that it is important to keep trying to improve the accuracy. That 71 has stood for 10...
  23. D

    Computer networking coursework

    well guys i need ur help, my coursework is out now n i don't know wat to do ... its lil bit difficult or maybe i can't understand it... the coursework is given below Scenario A medium-sized manufacturer of component parts for an industry takes forward orders by means of a Web...
  24. S

    Create Apache Virtual Host: Step-by-Step Guide

    I am attempting to create a virtual host here on my machine. I assume the place to do this is in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default file. The file currently reads this: NameVirtualHost * <VirtualHost *> ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost DocumentRoot /var/www/ <Directory />...
  25. M

    Scientology Under Attack

    Their Mission Statement: Church of Scientology website being attacked by hackers "The attack was launched on Wednesday by a user calling himself "Anonymous", on the website "Project Chanology". The "History" section of the site explains, in a satirical fashion, that the incident was...
  26. chemisttree

    News Should CNN be allowed to host any more debates?

    CNN does it again... Clinton supporter questions GOP candidates in YouTube debate. Anderson Cooper http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28CCf4cEDpI" that Kerr was listed as a member of a steering committee for Hillary Clinton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trxZAN1W-ms" scoffed at the idea...
  27. C

    Discover Interactive Physics Simulations & Ideas for Your Website

    I'm a college student pursuing a degree in physics, with an interest in computational physics. I got a website where I figured I'd make simulations and publish them so that those with an interest in physics could play around with them and learn a bit. Unfortunately, my simulations aren't quite...
  28. M

    So you want to be a crackpot (no, not serious)

    Following on from a poster asking precisely what constitutes a crank, here is a companion piece to mathwonk/zapperZ's 'So you want to be a mathematician/physicist.' First, by reading this, you have disqualifed yourself. Cranks don't want to be cranks, they genuinely believe in what they do...
  29. D

    Finding the Right Web Hosting Service & Domain Name Cost

    Could somebody recommend to me a good web hosting service? Also, how much will a domain name cost me per year?
  30. Hootenanny

    PHP Secure Members Area: PHP Solution for No SQL Hosting

    I'm attempting to create a members only area on a website. Now, I've got no formal training in web design, but I have dabbled in PHP before. Unfortunately, all the scripts I can find are built on SQL databases and my hosting package doesn't support SQL; so I'm looking for a script that is...
  31. D

    Find Free Web Hosting for Uploading Large Files (1+ MB)

    Is there any free web hosting that allows you to upload file size limit more than 1 mb? I have difficulty finding one. I wish to upload some pdf files to web but all of them are at least 1mb. Help is very much appreciated. Thx
  32. H

    Free Web Hosting for PHP | Low Cost Options

    I would like to know if there is by any chance some free web hosting that support php scripts? If not, then the least costy.
  33. E

    Hi, heed help to choose a new web hosting.

    Hi, heed help to choose a new web hosting. Currently I need to move my hosting to more stable and high-speed provider. After some research I selected top three most suitable for my needs but looking for someone feedbacks and experience with them so I can stop on that best one. What...