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How do I set up a math web-site?

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    I'm thinking about creating a web site to publish some work I'm doing. I'd primarily post math functions, tables of results, and plots.

    Could you guys give me some starters on how to go about doing this? I need a web host but not sure which one would allow me to do what I want to publish.

    Can you guys give me some recommendations for web hosts and what utilities I would need to post my results?


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    Personally I would rather depose pdf files containing the serious stuff. For the rest there are many html editors around. You could include formulas using mathjax using latex syntax as done here in the forum. I don't think you need some specialized webhost for that.
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    Ok thanks guys.

    I'll probably choose one of the top 10 web-hosting sites like Yahoo, or GoDaddy or HostGator or FatCow.

    Do you guys have any recommendations for a web-hosting site? I'm considering creating a database of algebraic power series so it would contain functions, power series, tables, plots, and summaries.
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    I've been looking into MathJax lately, it's a JavaScript library for displaying math symbols using TeX, MathML and various other markups. JavaScript (well, this kind of JavaScript) is a client-side technology so it doesn't matter what host you use, your users will probably want a semi-recent browser though, which is fine.

    As for hosting your website, well, there's so many options, just make sure the host supports whatever server-side technologies you intend to use (PHP, Python, Java, MySQL, etc). Are you making a dynamic, database-driven website, and if so, what are you using?
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    Didn't follow you above. I'm a novice at this as I've never had a web site before.
    Basically, I'm considering posting just power series expansions of algebraic functions with some other information about them. Mostly it would be math, tables, plots and summaries and would be a site I could post the work I"m doing with this subject. Probably would not have user input initially.

    I think what I would do is first just get a web-site going and learn how to set it up, and manage it and become experienced with the software, basically just play around with it first, then if I choose to, begin setting up a site I have in mind.
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    Sure, that's cool. I didn't mean to throw a bunch of gibberish at you :P

    For your first website, it's probably easiest to use a CMS (content management system), a basically a website program with a bunch of templates that takes a lot of the tedium out of building every page. Trollcast recommended WordPress, and it's a good one. WordPress is PHP software and if memory serves, it runs with a MySQL database. There are a lot of hosts that will be suitable, and WordPress actually recommend a few.
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    Ok, thanks a lot for that. I just need to get started and start working with the software.
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