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2 best scifi books I've read in 10 years

  1. Jul 16, 2013 #1
    Greg Bears

    Book one:
    Anvil of Stars

    Book two:
    Forge of God

    Anyone else a fan of these books?
    I guess im just a hard scifi addict.
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    I am not a fan of the author (homophobic), but Ender's Game was a killer.
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    Is Greg Bear a homosexual? I had no idea.
    Are you serious?
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    Greg bear didn't write Enders game, Orson Scott card did. He's in hot water again, though I'm not sure why the piece he wrote in May is in the news today.
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    This is the recent piece gmax is referring to, it adds tin-foil conspiracy theorist to the list of Card's characteristics

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    Greg Bear is one of my favorites, SF or otherwise. Especially his Forge of God--IMO one of the best. His other near-future series, Quantico and Mariposa, are superb also.
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    i read this author's Hull Zero Three, not impressed by it.
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